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How to Add a Tenant to an Existing Lease Agreement


If you find that your tenant has a long-term guest or unofficial roommate, what can you do? If they’re honest about the situation and the new roommate isn’t causing harm to the property, you may add them to the current lease. Today, we’ll review how to add a tenant to an existing lease and why […]

Tips for Negotiating Lease Terms With Tenants


Coming up with a lease agreement that’s fair and feasible for both landlords and tenants can be challenging. Terms you may think are fair may not align with what a tenant wants in a rental property. However, if they’re a responsible tenant with an excellent rental history, you may be open to negotiating lease terms […]

Benefits of a Longer Lease Agreement for Landlords and Tenants


When you move into a new rental home, you’ll sign a lease agreement stating the lease duration, rental rate, and essential information about the rental contract. Most lease agreements last 12 months, sometimes giving tenants a chance to renew at the end. On the other hand, if your move is temporary, you may look for […]

What are Rental Lease Addendums and How to Use Them

The rental agreement is the most critical document for landlords and tenants. That said, a lease involves many different clauses, addendums, and disclosures that each carries its own legal ramifications. In addition, essential components of a lease will vary based on location and the property’s specific needs. So, to thoroughly understand what these additions mean […]

What is Subletting? What Every Landlord Needs to Know

Finding the right tenant for your rental property could prove to be a tedious process. After going to all of that effort, what happens when the tenant skips town, leaving your apartment sublet to someone else? What could easily become a landlord’s worst nightmare is also an avoidable situation. Join us below as we explain […]

5 Tips for Landlords to Keep in Mind While Renting to Roommates

5 Tips for Landlords to Keep in Mind While Renting to Roommates

To get the most out of your rental business, you may find yourself renting to roommates sometimes. Renting to roommates has some benefits, like filling up vacant units quicker and having a wider range of tenants to rent to. Although it may seem like more of a hassle than renting to a family, we have […]

Documenting Tenant Communication During Property Violations

Documenting Tenant Communication During Property Violations

Among the many tasks of owning a rental property, maintaining tenant communication is one of the most important. After all, communication is the foundation of any great relationship.  Handling tenant complaints, repairs, or other concerns can sometimes get extremely frustrating. However, landlords need to keep it together and communicate effectively, even during stressful times. That […]

How to Terminate a Lease Agreement: A Landlord’s Guide

How to Terminate a Lease Agreement A Landlord’s Guide

Handling lease agreements is one of the most important aspects of any rental business. Without a solid lease agreement, property owners can get damages beyond their budget. In addition, lease agreements are helpful to determine the rights and responsibilities of both the tenant and landlord. That said, sometimes circumstances pop up, and a lease may […]

No Smoking! – A Landlord’s Guide to Rental Smoking Policies

No Smoking! - A Landlord's Guide to Rental Smoking Policies

Tobacco, e-cigarettes, and now, recreational and medical marijuana are all things landlords need to address when adopting rental smoking policies in their investment properties. While keeping tenants happy is a priority, so is the health and well-being of other tenants as well as the property itself. That said, smokers are not protected under the Fair […]

Is it a Guest or Tenant? Understanding Types of Unauthorized Tenants

Is it a Guest or Tenant? Understanding Types of Unauthorized Tenants

Imagine going through all the trouble of marketing, properly screening tenants, and signing leasing documents, only to discover unwelcome occupants in your rental property. As a landlord, understanding who a tenant is, who is a guest, and who is an unauthorized occupant is essential. Furthermore, knowing your rights as a landlord can help deal with […]