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Owners Guide to the Property Management Process

Owners Guide to Hiring a Property Manager and the Management Process

In theory, anyone could become a landlord. However, renting your investment property legally and successfully takes time, effort, and local knowledge. For many investors, the benefits of qualified property management services speak for themselves. After all, not every investor is prepared to organize repairs, comply with local laws, prepare marketing, or field those late-night maintenance […]

A Landlord’s Guide: Virginia Eviction Process

A Landlord's Guide to the Eviction Process in Virginia

When it comes to the eviction process, following the letter of the law is essential for landlords. Especially during these trying times recovering from the pandemic, every landlord must understand the process and restrictions involved in removing a tenant. Continue reading below as we break down the eviction process in Virginia, how it differs from […]

A Complete Investor’s Guide to Real Estate Due Diligence

A Complete Investor's Guide to Real Estate Due Diligence

When embarking on any real estate investment transaction, due diligence plays a vital role. However, some landlords may find this to be a confusing and lengthy process. That said, these actions help determine whether or not a property will provide the necessary return to become profitable. Join us below as we review the meaning of […]

A Quick Guide to Rent Estimates and The Rental Market Outlook for 2021

A Quick Guide to Rent Estimates and The Rental Market Outlook for 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic hit landlords hard in 2020. Therefore, with 2021 in full swing, many property owners wonder what the rental market has in store. As regulations tighten and many industries still struggle on the road to recovery, proactively planning for your rental is essential. How much should I charge for rent? Will I be […]