How to Handle the Dreaded Pest Control in Your Investment Property

In the past, we have discussed some of the legal considerations Howard County property owners should be aware of when it comes to pest control in a rental property. In short, as a property owner you are legally responsible for providing a pest-free property to your tenants upon the start of a lease term.  From … Read More

5 Tips to Boost Your Tenant Retention

Tenant retention in Howard County is serious business.  If you or your property management company do not look for ways to boost tenant retention, chances are you will experience more rental turnaround than you wish to see.  Even worse, you may have to deal with extended property vacancies, which will cut deeply into your annual income. … Read More

How to Conserve Water and Energy in Your Rental Property

Water and energy conservation are at the forefront of many peoples’ minds.  As the cost of energy continues to rise, major droughts are also becoming a real threat in regions all across the country.  Thus, as the number of people wanting to become environmentally friendly with their daily activity increases, it is important as a … Read More

What Amenities Should Landlords Provide to Their Tenants?

Those looking to lease a rental property in Howard County are likely looking for a place that offers specific amenities.  And, with the large populations of people leaning towards renting Howard County homes as opposed to buying them, it is important that you, as a landlord, differentiate yourself from the local competition if you want … Read More

Top Home Security Tips for Property Owners

Did you know that in the United States a burglary occurs approximately every 18 seconds? This startling fact should alert both you and your property management company that home security needs to be taken seriously when it comes to your Howard County investment property. The thought of anyone breaking into your Howard County rental, especially … Read More

When to Replace the Windows in Your Rental Property

Replacing your Howard County rental property’s windows is probably not something you think about too often. However, as with everything property related, windows are bound to wear down and need replacement at one point or another. There is a lot that goes into replacing your Howard County rental’s windows.  And one of the most important … Read More

The Best Homeowner’s Insurance Policy For Your Rental Property

As a real estate professional who owns rental property, it is crucial you make an effort to protect your investment in every way possible.  One of the best ways to do that is to have a homeowner’s insurance policy in place from the minute a tenant takes up residence in your income property. Finding the … Read More

5 Reasons You May Want to Settle a Rental Home Dispute Out of Court

Finding yourself in a dispute with your Baltimore County tenant is a stressful situation.  Even if you have a high quality property management company by your side, litigating in court should be avoided if possible. As civil lawsuits hover near 300,000 per year in the United States, it is no wonder property owners fear landing … Read More

How to Tackle Pesky, Yet Necessary Rental Maintenance Issues

As a property owner, it is your responsibility to maintain the properties you lease to tenants.  In fact, most states have very strict laws when it comes to providing tenants a habitable home that is livable and secure from safety hazards.  And, while most property owners are aware of major frequent rental repairs in investment … Read More

How to Set Proper Boundaries with Your Tenants as a Landlord

As a Harford County rental property owner it is very important for you to establish a strong relationship with your tenant.  There are many benefits to this, including your tenant staying a long period of time, thus saving you the time and energy of having to regularly look for a new tenant. However, there is … Read More