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Finding the Perfect Real Estate Agent for Your Investment Property

Finding a reliable real estate agent is essential to anyone looking to purchase a piece of real estate. Whether you are a real estate professional looking to expand your portfolio or a casual home buyer, picking a real estate agent you can trust is a must when it comes to buying or selling homes. But […]

Your Go-To Checklist for Investing in a Rental Property

Investing in an Anne Arundel County rental property is on many people’s minds these days. Located near major industries, the shore of Chesapeake Bay, and larger cities such as Baltimore, Anne Arundel County is a great location to live in. However, if you are just starting out in the rental property business, it can feel […]

Why Rental Property Investments May Help You Retire Quicker than a Pension

If you are a Baltimore County resident who is teetering on whether to invest in a rental property rather than relying solely on a pension plan for retirement, you are in the right place. Though the debate between property investments and pension plans oftentimes leans more towards pension plans as the better choice, the truth […]

5 Tips to Create Income From a Rental Property

As rent prices continue to grow upwards of 1.0% in Maryland, those in Prince George’s County that are interested in becoming rental property owners, or better yet already are in the rental property business, should take notice. Many property owners enter the rental market in hopes of creating a passive income to fund their vacations, […]

The Benefits and Risks of Buying an Off-the-Plan Property

Would you invest in a Harford County rental property without first seeing it? If so, you are one of the many property owners that might enjoy the idea of purchasing a not-yet-constructed, brand spanking new rental home. While being the first to purchase a property that has never been lived in can be exciting and […]

Investing Tips for Single-Income Couples in Howard County

There are many reasons why your family might be living off a single income.  Maybe one of you is taking some time off because you have children to care for.  Or, one of you may be attending school.  Regardless of the reason, many single-income couples still want to invest in Howard County rental properties. After […]

Setting 2017 Goals for Your Rental Property Business

As we readily welcome 2017, the importance of setting goals rather than resolutions cannot be underestimated. But how are goals different? Whereas resolutions are the hope that you will achieve something, goals are the plan that will garner your success. Today we will explore the importance of setting 2017 goals for your rental property business […]

When to Consider a Rent Increase

Did you know that the country’s rent index increased this past year at an annualized rate of 3.6%? That is a pretty significant increase. And, if you own a Howard County rental property, this valuable statistical information may cause you to consider a rent increase come lease renewal time—and rightfully so. In all honesty, you […]

Is it a Good Idea to Invest in a Fixer-Upper Rental Property?

Deciding which Howard County rental property to invest in takes a lot of consideration. The purchase price, location, nearby amenities, and curb appeal are just some of the things to think about. But have you ever considered purchasing a fixer-upper rental property? People love to buy fixer-upper rental properties in Howard County and there are […]

The Investment Property Owner’s Guide to a 203(k) Loan

If you are looking to purchase a Montgomery County rental property that needs a little extra TLC, and have noticed that the lenders have become very strict with loan approvals, you are not alone. And, in light of this tight-fisted approach, investing in a fixer-upper rental property becomes problematic, even for a seasoned property owner.  […]