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Monthly Archives: December 2018

Buying an Investment Property for Rental Under the New Tax Plan

This guest post is from Onerent, a state-of-the-art leasing & property management service. Given the new proposed United States tax plan from the Trump administration, investing in real estate has some potential implications for a new investor. Most consider the changes extremely beneficial to first-time real estate investors in particular. To cover the basics first, […]

The Best Areas to Purchase and Manage Property in Baltimore

Before you invest in any rental property, it’s important to research potential communities so you not only find a property that’s great, but you also find an area that’ll be attractive to future renters. Baltimore is a city that’s rich in diversity, which means each of its communities can vary greatly from one neighborhood to […]

What to Look for in Hiring a Vendor

Managing a rental property and all the building and maintenance tasks that come along with it are often more than one person can handle, especially if there are many units or if you own several properties. Hiring vendors to help with things you do not have the time, equipment, or expertise to accomplish yourself is […]

Top 5 Flooring Options in Rental Property

Flooring can play a major role in the look and feel of your rental property. It’s more than just selecting a beautiful material. Choosing a type of flooring can also impact the functionality of the room which is why it’s important to take several factors into consideration: style, lifestyle, and budget. What can you afford […]

Finding a Tenant for Your MD Rental Property in the Offseason

October typically signals the beginning of the offseason for rental property owners. Not many people are willing to move during the colder weather, so Maryland rental property owners often have trouble finding tenants in the winter months. Traditional marketing and advertising methods may be effective, but MD property owners will likely notice fewer leads and […]

Winter Is Coming! Is Your Howard County Rental Property Ready?

The change of seasons can potentially cause quite a bit of wear and tear on your rental property in Howard County. Property owners typically manage several aspects of their rental properties and leave a few minor tasks to tenants. However, it’s important for property owners to take the time to ensure all their occupied and […]