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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Strategies for Being a Professional and Good Landlord

Being a landlord in Baltimore isn’t easy if you don’t have professional guidance. There are a lot of rules and laws to follow, and even if you’re a seasoned landlord, you can easily do something wrong if you don’t know about certain regulations or about laws that may have changed somewhere along the way. This […]

Everything You Should Know About the PA Eviction Process

Deciding to evict a tenant is never easy. In most cases, everyone is better served if differences can be sorted out amicably and without involving the courts. However, when lease violations are consistent or egregious or when a tenant becomes seriously behind on rent, landlords don’t have many options. If you’re reaching the end of […]

What to Know Before You Create Your Montgomery County Lease

Do you own a rental property in Montgomery County? If so, you need to pay extra attention to the language in your lease. Montgomery County is one of the most tenant-friendly counties in the United States – as such, you need to have a few key components in each lease to satisfy county standards. Since […]