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Benefits of Offering Incentives for On-Time Rent Payments


Rental properties can be extremely profitable. However, there must be a steady income stream through on-time rent payments. As such, it’s crucial that tenants pay rent on time, month after month. As a landlord, there are several things you can do to encourage tenants to pay rent on time. Today, we’ll review the importance of […]

How to Handle Noise Complaints in Apartments


Knowing how to solve common issues is crucial when you own rental properties. Whether you’re handling late payments, maintenance issues, or experiencing high turnover rates, you’ll want to have an action plan. Today, we discuss how to handle noise complaints in apartments. As one of the most frequent issues in rental housing, it’s essential to […]

Are Home Warranties Worth It? A Guide for Real Estate Owners


Whether you’re buying real estate for your rental business or a new permanent residence, protecting your property is essential. However, what does it mean to protect your home? What kind of insurance do you need? Are home warranties worth it? In today’s article, we’ll go over the basics of home warranties, the difference between warranties […]

How to Find Pet-Friendly Rentals for You and Your Pet


Most people consider their pets family and wouldn’t move anywhere without them. However, finding pet-friendly rentals, especially at an affordable rate, can be challenging. As such, it’s important to narrow your search and look for rental homes suitable for you and your pet. Read along as we go over how to find pet-friendly rentals and […]

When Is It Time to Outsource Property Management Tasks?

Investing in rental properties seems like an excellent idea–until it becomes a full-time job. Then, do you find yourself spending too much time maintaining properties and communicating with tenants? Hiring property management can be highly beneficial if you’re just starting in the rental business or have too many properties to keep up with. Read along […]

Market Outlook for 2023: Why Some SFR Investors are Getting Cold Feet

As we head quickly toward 2023, many real estate investors are deciphering their next moves. During 2022, single-family homes were a popular choice amongst many rental investors. But what does the market look like for the next year? Let’s go over why this investment type is so popular and why some SFR investors are getting […]

10 Tax Deductions That Landlords Miss: A Guide for New Investors

10 Tax Deductions That Landlords Miss A Guide for New Investors

Tax time is a particularly stressful time for most people, especially rental investors. After all, landlords need to determine what they can write off without making mistakes on their legal tax documents. Unfortunately, deductions sometimes get missed, excluding some significant tax benefits. To avoid missing out on tax benefits, read along as we go over […]

How to Deal with a Pest Infestation in Your Rental Property


No one likes to think about the chance of a pest infestation in their home. Pests in rental properties can present even more significant challenges. Unsure of your responsibility as a landlord? A local property management company can guide you through the signs of infestation plus how to handle one if it arises. It’s important […]

What Is Real Estate Syndication and How Does It Work?


Creating a diverse real estate portfolio means branching out and learning about different investments. After all, if your investment portfolio only has several single-family homes, you may want to consider investing in a commercial or multifamily property. However, keep in mind that managing large properties takes a lot of time and experience. As such, you […]

Fire Safety and Prevention Tips for Your Rental Property this Winter


Keeping families safe during the winter is always a priority. With cooler temps setting in, heat related hazards and fire safety need to be a top priority. Holiday decorations get brought out, and because these items aren’t a part of our daily lives, hidden dangers may be present. To make sure that you and your […]