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Three Things to Be Aware of When Purchasing Inexpensive Rental Properties in PA

When investing in a rental property in PA, the incentive is often to find something with a very low purchase price to increase the profits from the rental income. In most cases, investors looking at single-family homes at rock-bottom pricing are looking to purchase through a sheriff’s sale, an REO bank-owned house, or a private […]

Minor Maintenance Rental Property Tips that will Save Money

Rather than waiting for tenants to report every problem, having a proactive approach to your assets will save you money in the long run. Most Philadelphia landlords are aware of the benefits of cleaning, making repairs promptly, and performing proper maintenance on items such as roofs and gutters. However, several less obvious things can be […]

Best Paint, Flooring, and Cabinet Colors for Rental Properties: Keep it Neutral!

Creating a living space that appeals to a broad range of potential tenants can be tricky, especially if interior decorating isn’t your specialty! Many times, investors and landlords are searching for simple color recommendations to use in their properties that will make the space look great while also being simple enough that virtually anyone could […]

How Philadelphia Lead-Based Paint Laws Will Change in the Future

The federal government banned the use of lead-based paint in 1978. According to the 2015 American Community Survey 5-year estimates, 69 percent of Pennsylvania homes were built before 1978. So, roughly 86 percent of the homes in the City of Philadelphia were constructed before the mandated change. While the state of Pennsylvania does not require lead-based […]

Rental Property Pet Policy and Recommendations for Landlords

As a Philly rental property owner, you know one of the most commonly asked questions from potential tenants is, “Do you allow pets on the property?” Despite the horror stories you may have heard from other property owners, adjusting your rental property pet policy to allow for some animals comes with a number of benefits. […]

What to Know About Investing in Property Around Universities

Investing in single-family and multi-family homes around universities can be a challenge for some investors, but it is also an endeavor that can pay off when done correctly. Before diving into investment property in a university town, here are a few things to keep in mind so you can find success. Location is Critical Your […]

Security Systems for Any Sized Rental Property

Protecting your Philadelphia investment property from damage or vandalism is always a concern. Along with the safety concerns of your tenants, this type of destruction can be costly – especially if you’re unable to determine who is responsible for causing the problem and must cover the repairs yourself. To ensure you and your tenants are […]

Warranty Contract FAQ

In theory, a home warranty always sounds like a good idea, right? By default, you’re backing up a big investment with a guarantee that it’ll last a certain amount of time or perform at a specified level without breaking, damaging, or being deemed unusable. A lot of homeowners ask our team at Bay Property Management […]

How to Deal with Subletting

When you’ve chosen the right renter, you have certain expectations—you expect that person to respect your property, pay rent on time, and reside within your space for the amount of time specified on your lease. Above all, you expect them not to let anyone else stay in the space they’ve contracted with you. Subletting can […]

Fire Prevention During the Winter

Keeping families safe during the winter is always a priority. With cooler temps setting in, heaters and fireplaces are being used more. Holiday decorations get brought out, and because these items aren’t a part of our daily lives, hidden dangers may be present. To make sure that you and your tenants are working hard to […]