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What is Property Management?


Understanding property management responsibilities will help you determine if hiring a property management company is the right choice for your rental property. Property managers maintain properties as organized and financially stable environments. Some landlords choose to manage their own property (or properties) themselves. This is not easy work, as it requires education and experience to […]

6 Tips to Successfully Showing a Rental Property

  Facilitating property tours for prospective tenants is an essential part of being a landlord. In fact, this step in the process is just as crucial as marketing to and screening potential renters. Most landlords realize that showing their property in the best possible light is crucial. Sometimes a deep clean, staging furniture, or boosting […]

How to Turn Off Your Water to Prevent Water Damage in Your Rental

How to Turn Off Your Water to Prevent Water Damage in Your Rental

Water issues in a rental property are more than just an inconvenience. In fact, water can lead to extensive damage, mold growth, health hazards, and expensive repairs if not immediately addressed. That said, when a pipe burst and water is pouring into your home, it is easy to become overwhelmed. So, knowing how to find […]

Essential Move-In Procedures for the Perfect Tenant Experience

Essential Move-In Procedures for the Perfect Tenant Experience

Handling a vacancy can be a nerve-racking experience for landlords. So, when you finally have an approved application and move-in date, it is an exciting time. However, a landlord’s work does not end once the application gets approved. Move-in day requires preparation to go smoothly and create a positive and lasting impression on your new […]

What Are Squatter’s Rights: Everything a Landlord Needs to Know


Eviction is a scary word for any landlord. However, what’s worse is when you find out the people living in your rental never had a lease in the first place! When that occurs, or when there is an unauthorized occupant – you have squatters. A common misconception is these individuals have no rights because they […]

Who is Responsible for Pest Control in Your Rental Property?

Who is Responsible for Pest Control in Your Rental Property?

No one wants to hear the words “pest infestation”. This is a health hazard, but pests can also damage the rental property and cost hundreds to eradicate. So, as soon as you notice any pest or vermin, it must be dealt with as quickly as possible. That said, getting rid of unwanted pests is only […]

Should Landlords Consider Rental Property Concessions?

Guide to Types of Rental Concessions and Are They Right for You?

Avoiding vacancy and retaining tenants in a competitive market is sometimes an uphill battle. Although moving is expensive, it is not always enough to deter tenants from leaving for a perceived better deal. Many multi-family rental owners are familiar with the term “rental concession” as a tool to make their property stand out from the […]

What Are the Benefits of Matterport 3D Virtual Real Estate Tours?

What Are the Benefits of Matterport 3D Virtual Real Estate Tours?

Virtual home tours are a popular way to showcase a rental property. However, the COVID-19 pandemic made virtual touring a necessary ingredient to success. Using these models allows the viewer free reign to explore the property from the comfort and safety of their own home. Essentially, this creates a 24/7 open house! That said, Matterport […]

A Tenant’s Guide to the Rental Application Process

A Tenant's Guide to the Rental Application Process

Apart from the lease, a rental application is the most important document in the rental process. For tenants, having the required documents at the ready will help you jump on great listings in a competitive market. After all, having your first choice property swept out from under you is an awful experience. So, to boost […]

How to Spot and Avoid a Professional Tenant

How to Spot and Avoid Detrimental Professional Tenants

Not every landlord is familiar with the term “professional tenants.” At first, it may not sound terrible, but it only takes one encounter with one of these individuals to change your mind forever. A professional tenant can quickly become a landlord’s worst nightmare, damaging both the property itself and profits. Continue reading as we help […]