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Monthly Archives: May 2020

Property Management: Technology vs Human Interaction

property management technology washington dc

Property management technology is abundant and necessary to some extent. However, choosing which systems and software are best for your property can be overwhelming. Technology also shouldn’t rule your Washington, DC property management company, as human interaction is still vital in the leasing business. This post will discuss how to find the balance between technology […]

Rental Advertising Tips to Attract Quality Tenants

rental advertising tips bucks county pa

Advertising is tricky in the property management world. Of course, you want your advertising to get impressions and clicks (for digital ads), but “conversions” are essential. Even more critical are conversions that turn into quality leads. Conversions are the calls, emails, and texts that result from your advertising, and that leads to potential tenants. A […]

Understanding the Baltimore City COVID-19 Renter Relief Act

covid-19 renter relief act baltimore

The Baltimore City Council passed Baltimore City Renter Relief Act last week, and yesterday, Mayor Jack Young signed the bill. The primary focus of the bill is to freeze increases on rental rates amid COVID-19. What is the Baltimore City COVID-19 Renter Relief Act? The Renter Relief Act protects tenants from rent increases during the […]

Tips for Successful Rental Property Showings in York, PA

rental property showing tips york pa

Rental property showings are the best way to minimize vacancies and renting to happy tenants. We understand the time and effort it takes to prepare a property, schedule with prospects, and execute excellent showings. However, having a plan in place will make your life easier when it comes time to show your property!  If you […]

How to Become a Section 8 Landlord in Washington, D.C.

section 8 landlord washington dc

The prevalence of Section 8 housing is growing within D.C. and surrounding suburbs. Changing laws may increase the amount of affordable housing in the area, which is why it’s a good idea to learn more about what that means for you as a landlord. Read on to learn what to expect when trying to become […]

Handling Unauthorized Tenants in Delaware County

unauthorized tenants delaware county pa

Unauthorized tenants can be a struggle within the property management industry. As a landlord, you need to understand who is considered an unauthorized tenant and how to deal with that tenant. Follow these tips on how best to handle this frustrating problem and how to avoid it. What is an Unauthorized Tenant? An unauthorized tenant […]

Tenant Screening Tips for Lancaster Landlords

lancaster tenant screening tips

Screening tenants is a tedious but necessary part of the leasing process for your Lancaster rental property. Without a careful screening process, you open your property up to trouble tenants, vacancies, and potential evictions. Follow these tenant screening tips for your Lancaster rental property. How to Screen Tenants for Your Lancaster Rental Property Most online […]

Common Real Estate Tax Deductions for Philadelphia Landlords

tax deductions philadelphia landlords

Owning a rental property can be complicated and pricey. The good news is, unlike being a standard homeowner, there are tax deductions when owning a rental property. We always recommend that you hire a Philadelphia property management company or tax advisor to assist with adequately deducting these items. Learn more about what things are deductible […]

Rental Property Paint Tips for Cumberland County Landlords

painting tips cumberland county pa

How to Paint a Rental Property in Cumberland County PA Are you looking to paint your rental property in Cumberland, PA, but don’t know where to begin? Consider these painting tips to determine color, type, and application at your Cumberland County, PA investment property. Choosing a Paint Color for Your Rental Property White tends to […]

Effective Advertising for Your Chester County Rental Property

effective advertising chester county rental property

Vacancies don’t fill themselves, and that means as a landlord, effectively advertising your rental property is key! If this is an aspect of being a landlord that you struggle with, we can help! Check out these tips and advice for marketing your rental property: Key Tips to Effectively Advertise Your Chester County Rental Property Timing […]