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Monthly Archives: June 2023

7 Simple Tips for Succeeding as an Out-of-Town Landlord


Being an out-of-town landlord presents a unique set of challenges. For instance, not only do you have to handle typical landlord tasks like performing inspections, responding to emergencies, and screening tenants properly – you have to do it all without the ability to travel to your property as needed easily.  But don’t let that stop […]

How to Create an S Corporation for Your Rental Properties


Investing in real estate can be beneficial for several reasons, like recurring rental income, property appreciation, and tax benefits. However, you’ll want to protect your business from losses or legal liabilities. That’s why many real estate investors hold their properties under a business entity. A common business entity for real estate investors is an S […]

4 Things Landlords Should Know Before Renting a Property with a Pool

For some tenants, renting a property with a pool can be the ultimate rental property amenity. They might envision themselves hosting neighborhood barbecues near the water, spending an afternoon relaxing on a raft in the pool, or helping their kids learn how to swim. Plus, a swimming pool adds value to the property overall, which […]

The Key to Great Service in Property Management


Customer service is one of the most important aspects of running any business. If customers do not feel their needs have been addressed or their concerns heard after a service or sale, the business will not likely see returning customers. Similarly, if customers cannot quickly access solutions to problems or concerns, they will likely grow […]

How to Create a Tenant Referral Program for Your Rental Business


The key to successful rental properties is great tenants. But unfortunately, finding great tenants isn’t always easy. Sure, you can post rental ads online, host an open house, or spread the word to your friends and family, but these efforts don’t always work out. However, what if you looked to your existing pool of renters […]

How to Find a Good Home Appraiser and Why You Need One


Whether you’re buying or selling real estate, you’ll want to get a home appraisal. In addition, there are several other instances where a home appraisal is helpful or necessary. However, you must first know how to find a good home appraiser. So in today’s article, we’ll go over the purpose of home appraisals and how […]

5 Things Landlords Should Know About Renting to Roommates


The average rental rates continue to rise nationwide, and the percentage of people living with someone other than their spouse or partner also continues to increase. As such, it is important for property owners to understand what it means to lease their rental property to roommates. Today, we will discuss five crucial things landlords should […]

June is National Homeownership Month: Learn About the History


June is National Homeownership Month! This month, we celebrate the value of owning a home and the benefits it presents to individuals and communities across America. Owning a home can help build wealth and set yourself up for a better future, and it’s a great way to become more invested in your community. However, we […]

The Future of Rental Housing: Trends to Watch Out For


The rental market constantly changes due to factors like hanging who is renting, new technology, and what tenants look for in a home. While looking at the future of rental housing, it’s crucial to pay attention to trends that will shape the market the most. Whether it’s smart technology, sustainability, or affordability, understanding rental trends […]

Tips for Finding and Evaluating Rental Listings: What to Look For


Whether you’re looking to move to your first rental property or have been living in rentals for years, it’s important to look carefully at each listing. Evaluating rental listings diligently ensures that you know what the rental property looks like, the utilities you’d be responsible for, and the essential policies you need to know. In […]