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Predicting Real Estate Market Trends – The Outlook for 2021

Predicting Real Estate Market Trends - The Outlook for 2021

The most important factor driving rental investment is the real estate market. Buyers and sellers alike wonder how COVID-19 will continue to affect the real estate market as we head into 2021. Are you looking to sell a rental property? Is now a good time to invest in real estate? Before deciding your next move, […]

Landlord’s Guide to COVID Evictions

COVID eviction guide

  The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic still weigh heavily on landlords’ minds and wallets across the country. Here in Maryland, as courts resume activity, keeping up with the many changes is not easy. Landlords seeking an eviction may find themselves easily overwhelmed by additional paperwork needed, eligibility concerns, and changing filing dates. Below we […]

How to Navigate the Current COVID Eviction Policy in MD

navigate evictions after COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to upset our daily lives and the processes we know. Many landlords, after months of inconsistent payments, wonder what is the current COVID eviction policy in MD. As each county and state begin rebuilding, it can be challenging to decipher how to proceed. With advice from a property management company in […]

Fall 2020 Rental Market for Washington DC Property Managers

Navigating the Washington DC Rental Market for Fall 2020 Semester

Washington DC property managers and students have been left wondering about the Fall semester thanks to COVID-19. Will campuses and student housing reopen? What does the Washington DC rental market look like thanks to COVID uncertainty? As a landlord in popular student neighborhoods such as Georgetown, Foggy Bottom, or West End, understanding the potential impact is […]

Effects of Canton’s COVID Resurgence Felt by Local Businesses

Effects of Canton's COVID Resurgence Felt by Local Businesses

Maryland continues to show progress as the state moves forward on the path to reopening. Yet, parts of Baltimore City struggle to gain control of the COVID pandemic. The neighborhood of Canton has seen a significant jump in cases over the past few weeks. Read on as we discuss the various effects of Canton’s COVID […]

Reopening Prince Georges County MD after COVID

reopening PG county covid 19

COVID-19 continues to be in the news media as well as the thoughts of businesses and individuals throughout the state of Maryland. As Maryland and its individual counties resume daily activities, how is Prince Georges County reopening after COVID? Learn about the reopening of Prince Georges County MD after COVID plus current developments that may […]

COVID-19 Tenant Resources Available in Harford County

COVID-19 Resources for Tenants in Harford County

Depending on your state, chances are no eviction laws have been lifted. The United States ruled to end this on May 1st. Yet, some states like Pennsylvania have extended through June.   The law that was in place stated tenants have up to 120 days after the ban is lifted to pay back missing rent. […]

Understanding the Baltimore City COVID-19 Renter Relief Act

covid-19 renter relief act baltimore

The Baltimore City Council passed Baltimore City Renter Relief Act last week, and yesterday, Mayor Jack Young signed the bill. The primary focus of the bill is to freeze increases on rental rates amid COVID-19. What is the Baltimore City COVID-19 Renter Relief Act? The Renter Relief Act protects tenants from rent increases during the […]

Are You Worried About Rent Strikes Affecting Your Washington D.C. Rental Property?

D.C. rent strikes covid-19

With May 1st looming, many landlords are worried about missed rent payments due to rent strikes. Rent strikes in Washington D.C. are widespread right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic and high unemployment rate. At the moment, there is a ban on evictions. However, D.C. tenants need to understand that this is temporary, and rent […]

Can I Evict My Tenants During COVID-19? A Guide for Landlords in York, PA

COVID-19 eviction york pa

Are you a landlord wondering, “Can I evict my tenants during COVID-19?” COVID-19 is causing high unemployment rates all over the country, which are leading to rent strikes, late rent payments, non-payments of rent, and non-payments of other bills like utilities. As a landlord or property manager in York, PA, you may be wondering about […]