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Complete Landlord’s Guide to Screening Tenants for Rental Properties

Complete Landlord's Guide to Screening Tenants for Rental Properties

  Screening tenants for your rental property is one of the most crucial tasks of a landlord. Applicant screening is a property owner’s first and best defense against troublesome tenants. Generally speaking, the applicant screening process can be broken down into several components – Pre-Screening, Application, Income Verification, Credit Check, Criminal Background, plus Rental History, […]

Rental Home References and How to Get the Most From Them

rental property reference checks

  Application screening is the first best step for ensuring a quality tenant in your rental property. Therefore, along with a background check, income verification, and credit file, rental references offer a picture of who you will be renting too. So, how should you conduct rental reference checks? Continue reading as we detail types of […]

How to Verify Prospective Tenant Employment and Income

One of the most important parts of the tenant screening process is to make sure the prospective tenant has verifiable employment and income. This tenant screening process is important for two reasons: It helps you ensure that the applicant has the income to pay rent regularly and on time. It helps you ensure that the […]

How Thoroughly Should You Screen Your Tenants?

How Thoroughly Should You Screen Your Tenants?

Would you rather deal with a prolonged vacancy or an eviction? If you are an experienced landlord, you know the answer. Finding the right tenant for your rental property can be tricky. You want to avoid long periods of vacancy, but you also want to avoid going through the eviction process. Evictions can be costly […]