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Federal and State Eviction Assistance – What’s the Hold Up?

Federal and State Eviction Assistance - What's the Hold Up?

The COVID pandemic and resulting eviction moratoriums changed the dynamic between many tenants and landlords. While restrictions ramped up, the government stepped in to provide emergency relief to those facing financial hardship due to COVID. Both the CARES Act and American Rescue Plan Act promised crucial funding, but so far, only a tiny fraction has […]

Post COVID Evictions: Landlord’s Guide to Moving Forward

A Landlord's Guide to COVID Eviction Guidelines Moving Forward

Can landlords evict a non-paying tenant? This continues to be the question on millions of tenant’s and landlord’s minds across the country. Unfortunately, however, many landlords were left confused and frustrated by the changing, and sometimes contradictory, federal and state guidelines throughout the pandemic. In addition, emergency relief programs have struggled to get desperately needed […]

Recent Updates to COVID Eviction Moratorium Guidelines

Recent Updates to COVID Eviction Moratorium Guidelines

Confusion, frustration, and fear are all words that could easily describe the ever-changing COVID-19 eviction moratorium. As the months’ tick by, both landlords and tenants face uphill battles of a different kind. Plus, navigating the laws and relief program requirements can prove daunting. As the Federal Eviction Moratorium issued by the CDC expired, states and […]

CDC Eviction Ban: What Can Landlords Do to Protect Their Investment?

How Landlords can Deal With the CDC Eviction Ban

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) once again extended the national ban on evictions. What was supposed to expire on June 30th has now been pushed to July 31, 2021. In a statement made June 24th, the CDC said that this was intended to be the final extension of the orders meant to […]

How COVID-19 Policies have Exacerbated the Housing Crisis

How COVID-19 Policies have Exacerbated the Housing Crisis

The effects of the COVID housing crisis will be felt in the rental industry for years to come. While new legislation protected tenants from unpaid rent evictions, landlords with non-paying tenants found little relief or sympathy for their own financial wellbeing. As current orders are set to expire, the day of reckoning is coming. So, […]

How COVID is Changing Landlord-Tenant Laws

Navigating the Changing COVID Landlord-Tenant Laws in Virginia

It is safe to say that the COVID-19 pandemic changed the rental industry in many ways. While some regulations were in response to the economic and public health crisis, many restrictions and questions still linger now that things are returning to normal. Landlords across the United States have struggled to keep up with mounting back […]

Understanding the CDC Eviction Ban: How Landlords Are Fighting Back

Understanding the CDC Eviction Ban How Landlords Are Fighting Back

The moratorium on evictions is now extended through June 30, 2021. Landlords are left to wonder, is there any end in sight? The answer is a complex and uncertain one. Since the CDC eviction ban has already been extended multiple times, what can a landlord do? According to Moody Analytics, an estimated 7 million households […]