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The Importance of a Good Credit Score While Renting


Credit scores are important for many aspects of life–even renting a home. For instance, when you apply for a rental home, your landlord may pull your credit as part of the screening process. After all, your credit history shows how you’ve managed money in the past and can indicate whether you might be a responsible […]

What Is the Junk Fee Prevention Act and How Can it Help Tenants?


Most people know what it’s like to experience an unexpected junk fee. Whether you’ve encountered undisclosed application fees, service fees, or overdraft fees, it’s never a pleasant surprise. The Biden Administration urges Congress to pass a Junk Fee Prevention Act to combat excessive junk fees. If you want to learn more about the Prevention Act […]

How to Create a Rental Budget and Stick to It


Whether you’re moving to your first or 50th rental property, you may budget differently depending on where you live. For instance, sometimes utilities are included in the monthly rent amount, while other times, you must pay each utility separately. Additionally, your expenses while living in a home may differ from your rental expenses. So, if […]

Negotiating Rent with Your Landlord: Tips for Tenants


Rent prices are ever-changing, but nowadays, rates just seem to be going up. However, what if there’s a way you can work with your landlord to find a favorable rate for everyone? Negotiating rent with your landlord is an option that most people don’t consider, although it’s a viable strategy. If you want tips on […]

How Much Should You Spend on Rent: A Guide for Tenants


In the midst of unpredictable real estate prices and high-interest rates, many people are choosing to rent instead of buying homes. However, that poses the question–how much should you spend on rent? If you’re trying to save money by renting instead of purchasing real estate, you’ll want to ensure you’re actually getting a deal. So, […]

How to Avoid Porch Pirates and Get Packages Delivered Safely


Whenever you have a package delivered to your door, there’s a chance you could fall victim to porch pirates. Unfortunately, tons of people each year have packages stolen as they arrive in the mail. With the holiday season coming up, it’s important to ensure your packages are delivered safely. Here are some facts about porch […]

Top 10 Signs You Have a Bad Landlord and How to Deal with Them


For every great landlord, there are infinitely more horrible ones. Thus, tenants must be vigilant when selecting their next rental home. While location, size, price, and amenities are significant aspects to searching for the right place, tenants are not just renting a home; they are entering a long-term relationship with the landlord. So, it is […]

Holiday Decorating Tips for Your Rental Property or Other Small Spaces


A chill is in the air, and that means the holiday season is once again upon us. After the dark days of the pandemic, this is the perfect time to get into the festive spirit. Of course, that means putting up some colorful and bright decorations. But for renters, holiday decorating often involves dealing with […]

Fire Safety and Prevention Tips for Your Rental Property this Winter


Keeping families safe during the winter is always a priority. With cooler temps setting in, heat related hazards and fire safety need to be a top priority. Holiday decorations get brought out, and because these items aren’t a part of our daily lives, hidden dangers may be present. To make sure that you and your […]

A Tenant’s Guide to Hosting Thanksgiving in a Rental Home


Thanksgiving is a chance to enjoy time with family and friends over an abundant meal. However, attending a party and hosting the Thanksgiving celebration are two entirely different things. So, how can you comfortably host the best holiday if you reside in small spaces? While an apartment may present some unique challenges, getting creative and […]