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Should I Let My Tenant Paint Their Rental Unit?

Should I Let My Tenant Paint Their Rental Unit?

Should I let my tenant paint their rental property?  When you own rental properties, you may find yourself asking this question. For some landlords, this question leads to an automatic “no.” However, you may want to consider the pros and cons first. Today, we’ll review why some tenants want to paint, the pros and cons […]

Common Misconceptions About Property Management

When it comes to property management, some owners think it’s a breeze and that they can handle it themselves. However, the truth is that self-managing a rental property (or several) is much easier said than done. As such, hiring professional property management can be a lifesaver. However, if you get caught up in the common […]

Tips for Becoming a Successful Real Estate Investor

Now more than ever, individuals are concerned with economic security. Investing in rental properties has the potential to be quite lucrative, but only if done the right way. That said, successful landlords often share the same traits and business practices that help them achieve their financial goals. Property management takes time, effort, preparedness, and solid […]

The Importance of Proper Waste Management in Rentals


There are several things to consider when it comes to owning and managing rental properties. However, one thing that often falls off a landlord or property manager’s radar is waste management. Rental owners aren’t always aware of trash collection rules, which may differ from county to county. Additionally, communicating proper waste removal isn’t always at […]

Handling Lead Paint and Asbestos in Older Rental Properties


The health and safety of all rental occupants should be a top priority for all landlords and property managers. After all, one of property owners’ most critical legal responsibilities is to provide a safe and habitable home for each tenant. It’s essential to know about the dangers of lead paint and asbestos and how to […]

Do You Have to Accept Roommates? A Landlord’s Guide to Best Practices

In certain areas, especially cities or locations with a large student population, the issue of roommates will come up frequently. So, do you have to accept roommates? For landlords, renting to multiple, unrelated tenants can widen your pool of potential renters, ultimately helping to fill units quicker. However, it also comes with its fair share […]

The Role of Tenant Feedback in Improving Rental Property Services

Most businesses rely on feedback to identify areas of improvement and learn more about customer experience, and rental properties are no different! Property management companies can benefit from tenant feedback by listening to tenant concerns, responding to reviews, and implementing change within their business practices. In the video below, we’ll go over the role of […]

Apartment Building Amenities Tenants Look for in a Rental Home

Renters these days are looking for specific apartment building amenities to improve their renting experience. That said, when you own a rental business, one of your top priorities should be keeping an updated living space that people are eager to rent. Most of the time, landlords can work with their rental property management team to […]

What You Should Know Before Being a Landlord


Being a landlord is a great way to keep busy, earn income, and eventually build wealth. However, the responsibilities of owning, managing, and renting properties should not be overlooked. It takes a ton of effort and consideration to properly run a rental business. As such, there are plenty of things to consider before being a […]

How to Maximize Profits During Peak Rental Season

Summer is approaching quickly, which means peak rental season is upon us. Now’s a popular time for tenants to look for their next home and rental owners to maximize their profits. However, you can easily miss the opportunity without a strategic plan for marketing your properties. So, today we’ve outlined how to prepare for peak […]