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Do You Have to Accept Roommates? A Landlord’s Guide to Best Practices

In certain areas, especially cities or locations with a large student population, the issue of roommates will come up frequently. So, do you have to accept roommates? For landlords, renting to multiple, unrelated tenants can widen your pool of potential renters, ultimately helping to fill units quicker. However, it also comes with its fair share […]

Why Every Landlord Should Use Online Rent Collection

A huge factor in the success of the rental property is timely rent payments and an efficient collection system. So, what can landlords do to help ensure on-time rent payments? After all, no landlord wants the hassle of chasing down tenants to try and collect, or worse yet, hearing the payment was lost in the mail. […]

5 Tips to Manage Stress and Avoid Burnout as a Landlord

When you own a rental property, you’re responsible for finding tenants, maintaining the home, and much more. While managing one rental may be feasible, it can quickly become overwhelming with several properties. If you’re looking for ways to manage stress and avoid burnout as a landlord, read along while we go over some helpful tips.  […]

Are Rental Property Management Companies Worth the Cost?

Are Rental Property Management Companies Worth the Cost?

Investing in rental property can prove to be an excellent and lucrative addition to a diverse portfolio. However, being a landlord extends well beyond buying the property. As a matter of fact, managing a rental property is a full-time job that not every investor is prepared for or wants. So, what is a landlord to […]

Which Rental Property Management Software is Best for You?

Which Rental Property Management Software is Best for You?

In today’s busy world, landlords can benefit from technology and specialized software. So, this is a great way to streamline processes, offer added conveniences, and free up valuable time. Therefore, whether your investment portfolio is commercial, residential, large, or small, there is a rental property management software for you! However, with more choices on the […]

Screening Contractors for Your Rental Property Portfolio

Screening Contractors for Your Rental Property Portfolio

  Property maintenance is a massive part of a landlord’s success in the rental management industry. Whether you look after your portfolio or work with a management firm, a time will come when licensed contractors are needed. Therefore, creating a reliable process for screening contractors will aid in narrowing down your search and finding the […]

How Much Are Typical Property Management Fees?

How much are property management fees

  As a property owner or real estate investor, hiring a property manager can alleviate all kinds of headaches in your day-to-day operations. Property managers handle all aspects of running your investment, from vetting tenants to emergency maintenance and everything in between. If you want to collect rent but don’t have the time or inclination […]

6 Ways to Make Your Job as a Landlord Less Stressful

You try your hardest to follow the best landlord practices, build positive relationships with your tenants, and stay organized, but you still find yourself stressed at the end of each day. It’s affecting you, and you might even be considering giving up your career as a landlord in favor of a less stressful career path. […]