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8 Ways to Collect Rent from Tenants: Which One is Best for You?

Being able to collect rent from tenants on time each month is the key to a successful rental business. When you have reliable, high-value tenants, your investment in rental property truly pays off. However, when tenants repeatedly pay late – or not at all – it can create frustration and misunderstandings between landlords and tenants.  […]

Why Every Landlord Should Use Online Rent Collection

A huge factor in the success of the rental property is timely rent payments and an efficient collection system. So, what can landlords do to help ensure on-time rent payments? After all, no landlord wants the hassle of chasing down tenants to try and collect, or worse yet, hearing the payment was lost in the mail. […]

What is the Best and Worst Rent Payment Method for Tenants


When it comes to paying rent, many tenants believe it doesn’t matter how they send the money. As long as the money leaves their bank account, rent is paid. However, that’s not always true. Unfortunately, things can happen, and payments can get lost, leaving someone–either you or your landlord–responsible. If you want to avoid any […]