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Monthly Archives: February 2023

How to Lower Utility Bills in Your Rental this Winter


Living in a rental home can get quite pricey, especially as costs rise everywhere. That said, if you pay for utilities in your rental home, your monthly expenses may be even higher. Although you can’t do much about your monthly rent amount, you can take steps to lower your utility bills. So, read along to […]

Top 8 Rental Home Improvement Ideas on a Budget


Competition in the rental industry has many owners looking to improve their odds of attracting a quality renter. However, a full-scale renovation is costly, and not all improvements truly add value. In a market where profit margins are tight, to begin with, extensive renovations could be financially damaging in more ways than one. Thankfully, some […]

How to Find Pet-Friendly Rentals for You and Your Pet


Most people consider their pets family and wouldn’t move anywhere without them. However, finding pet-friendly rentals, especially at an affordable rate, can be challenging. As such, it’s important to narrow your search and look for rental homes suitable for you and your pet. Read along as we go over how to find pet-friendly rentals and […]

How Does Tenancy in Common Work in Real Estate?


There are plenty of ways to become a homeowner. However, with today’s prices and the competitive nature of the market, it’s become increasingly more challenging to own real estate. As such, buyers today need to find more affordable ways to acquire real estate. Luckily, there’s a solution that could make homeownership more attainable for some. […]

Living in a Rental With a Short-Term Lease Agreement


Whether you’re looking for a temporary home or long-term housing, it’s crucial to examine your lease agreement before moving. After all, getting into a long-term lease agreement can eliminate your ability to move quickly if necessary. On the other hand, a short-term lease agreement can provide more flexibility. So let’s go over the basics of […]

What to Do if You Have Difficulty Paying Rent


Rent prices are increasingly higher than in previous years, leaving some tenants worried about making payments on time. If you’re having difficulty paying rent, you must talk to your landlord to ensure you are both on the same page. If you don’t know what to do if you’re unable to pay rent, read along as […]

How to Navigate the Four Stages of The Real Estate Cycle


Understanding each stage of the real estate cycle is a vital part of being an investor. Although the housing market cycle is closely connected to the general economy, you can’t assume that they always correlate. As such, it’s important to understand the four stages of the real estate cycle to help prepare for future investments. […]

Philadelphia’s Newest Development Projects to Watch for in 2023


This year will be exciting and opportunistic for new development projects in Philadelphia. The past few years presented several economic challenges, slowing down progress on many construction projects. However, with gradual economic improvements, we’ll start to see several new development projects in Philadelphia this year. That said, here are some of the most talked about […]

How to Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio in 2023


If you’re a seasoned real estate investor, you know how quickly the market changes and how much prices fluctuate. As such, growing your real estate portfolio takes time and effort while working with the current market. If you’re looking to grow your real estate portfolio in 2023, read along as we discuss some tips and […]

Should You Sell Your Investment Before Retirement?


The decision of whether to sell your investment before retirement or not sits at the front of many investors’ minds. For instance, you can earn a massive profit when you sell and let go of the responsibility of managing a rental. But on the other hand, you’re giving up rental income and paying significant capital […]