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Pros and Cons of Offering Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals


Whether you own vacation rentals or long-term rental properties, deciding whether or not to allow pets can be a large decision. On one hand, there’s potential to attract more renters and make more money through pet fees and policies. After all, most people prefer to travel with their pets instead of leaving them at home […]

How to Find Pet-Friendly Rentals for You and Your Pet


Most people consider their pets family and wouldn’t move anywhere without them. However, finding pet-friendly rentals, especially at an affordable rate, can be challenging. As such, it’s important to narrow your search and look for rental homes suitable for you and your pet. Read along as we go over how to find pet-friendly rentals and […]

It’s National Dog Month: Should You Offer Rentals that Accept Pets?


Everyone loves their pets. In fact, most people won’t move somewhere if they can’t take their pet with them. However, finding rentals that accept pets can be difficult. After all, landlords decide whether or not they will allow pets to live in their rental properties. If you’re on the fence about whether you should accept […]

Comprehensive Landlord’s Guide to Pet Policies for Rentals

Comprehensive Landlord's Guide to Pet Policies for Rentals

Upwards of 70% of today’s renters own a pet, yet finding accommodating housing can prove challenging. For landlords, accepting pets comes with some inherent risk, yet not accepting them severely limits the pool of prospects. That said, allowing pets requires landlords to create strict policies and require extra fees to help protect your valuable investment […]