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Monthly Archives: January 2016

6 Ways to Make Your Job as a Landlord Less Stressful

You try your hardest to follow the best landlord practices, build positive relationships with your tenants, and stay organized, but you still find yourself stressed at the end of each day. It’s affecting you, and you might even be considering giving up your career as a landlord in favor of a less stressful career path. […]

Tips for Making it in the Rental Property Business

Owning rental properties is no cake walk.  Although many people have the impression that landlords purchase properties, sit back, and watch the cash flow in, that can be very far from the truth.  Honestly, there is a lot of work that goes into being a landlord, and owning rental homes has its fair share of […]

The Financial Ups and Downs of Owning Rental Properties

Owning rental properties in the greater Baltimore area of Harford County has its definite advantages.  With its perfect blend of beautiful landscapes, exciting city life, historical monuments, and plenty of entertainment options, it would seem this would be the perfect place to reap rental property benefits. However, owning rental property, regardless of its location, has […]

Renting Your Home So You Can Pay Your Mortgage

Mortgage delinquencies in America seem to be on a sharp decline as people climb out of debt and put a little more into their savings accounts. This, paired with the improving job market and stricter loan application processes, has allowed more homeowners to remain in their homes at an affordable rate.  This is especially true […]

Rental Property Repairs That Will Break the Bank

Owning a rental property is more often than not a lucrative business.  That is, after all, why so many Maryland landlords continue financing rental properties. However, as a landlord, you will never escape routine maintenance repair bills and as many come to find out, some repairs leave a larger hole in your pocket than expected. […]

Should Maryland Landlords Establish an LLC for Their Rental Property Business?

Whether you’re a seasoned or aspiring landlord, you may have questions about the way your rental property business can be legally structured. You might not be sure about the best option based on your personal needs, liability concerns, and other factors. Today, we’re going to discuss one type of business structure that landlords commonly use: […]