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Can You Airbnb Your Primary Residence? Pros and Cons


Short-term rentals can be highly lucrative to dedicated real estate investors. But what if you don’t want to buy an entire property to rent temporarily and inconsistently? Well, you can Airbnb your primary residence. This strategy is popular for those who travel often or just want extra income and don’t mind visitors. If you have […]

Baltimore County Tenant Guide to Renting with Unusual Pets

renting with unusual pets baltimore county

Sometimes finding a rental home or apartment is a challenge when you have pets. It is even harder to find one that accepts what landlords consider as “unusual pets.” Learn more about what constitutes an unusual animal, tips for renting a property with these pets, and other things to keep in mind as a tenant […]

Renting Your Home So You Can Pay Your Mortgage

Mortgage delinquencies in America seem to be on a sharp decline as people climb out of debt and put a little more into their savings accounts. This, paired with the improving job market and stricter loan application processes, has allowed more homeowners to remain in their homes at an affordable rate.  This is especially true […]