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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Is it a Good Idea to Invest in a Fixer-Upper Rental Property?

Deciding which Howard County rental property to invest in takes a lot of consideration. The purchase price, location, nearby amenities, and curb appeal are just some of the things to think about. But have you ever considered purchasing a fixer-upper rental property? People love to buy fixer-upper rental properties in Howard County and there are […]

Advertising Tips to Fill Your Vacant Rental

For Montgomery County property owners, having a vacant rental property is something you never want. Even if you are currently dealing with an eviction, at least in that situation there are avenues for recouping your financial losses. However, with a vacant property, you are making no money. In fact, you are losing money.  Unfortunately, vacancies […]

Vacation Home Listing Mistakes to Avoid

Listing your Howard County vacation rental property on your own can be quite complex if you have never officially advertised a vacant property before.  Some property owners may believe they can handle things on their own—they are amateur photographers and know a bit about advertising when it comes to listing vacation homes on platforms such […]

Tips for Renting to First-Time Tenants

More than ever, especially in areas such as Montgomery County, leasing rental properties has become an important part of how people live.  One such is example of this is seen in the millennial generation.  With housing costs that continue to remain high, millennials are choosing to put off having families and purchasing homes. Couple that […]

You Banned Pets in Your Rental, But What About Service Animals?

As a Montgomery County rental property owner, you are entitled to implement your own pet policies.  In other words, you get to decide whether to allow your tenants to have pets while residing in your property. But what if you have decided not to allow pets in your rental property and one of your tenants […]