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Tenant’s Guide to Finding Affordable Rental Homes in Richmond, VA


Renters these days are on the hunt for affordable rental homes. Unfortunately, with factors like inflation, rising rental rates, and the difficulty of purchasing a home, it can be hard to find affordable housing. That said, there are some great resources and ways to ensure your housing situation meets your needs and budget. Read along […]

Top Neighborhoods for Renters in Richmond, Virginia


Before moving to a new city or state, it’s essential to do some research about the area. Chances are, you have a reason for moving. Whether you’ve found a new job, enrolled in university, or just want to move, it’s essential to learn more about where you’re going to live. Today, we will discuss the […]

Do I Need Insurance? Tips for Investing in Richmond Rental Property

Do I Need Insurance? Tips for Investing in Richmond Rental Property

Knowing what type of insurance you need is crucial to owning rental properties. That said, when investing in Richmond rental property, you will need landlord insurance. After all, accidents and damages can happen when you own and manage rental properties. Read along as we discuss why homeowner’s insurance isn’t enough and how you can find […]

The Landlord’s Guide to Lease Renewals

Renting out your home offers one of the best opportunities to build a steady cash flow. That is, as long as you find the right tenants for each property. After all, low turnover and vacancy rates are essential to becoming a successful landlord.  Once the perfect tenants are in place, renewing their leases year to […]

Top 10 Landlord Mistakes for New Rental Investors to Avoid

Some people may assume that being a landlord is a simple job. However, a lot more goes into the position than you may think. That said, when investors first begin their career as landlords, they’re bound to make at least a few minor mistakes. After all, nobody is perfect. But still, the goal is to […]

How to Avoid a Real Estate Bidding War


Frequently, a homebuyer’s worst nightmare is a real estate bidding war. For investors, getting the best deal on a property is essential to achieve a healthy profit. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s unavoidable that more than one person is interested in the same property. However, there are a few ways you can avoid a real estate bidding […]

Moving to Richmond? Top Neighborhoods for Richmond Commuters

Moving to Richmond Top Neighborhoods for Richmond Commuters

Despite the trying challenges and significant changes in the housing market throughout the past few years, Northern Virginia has remained a popular location to reside. That said, one of the more popular towns includes Richmond. Many people live here because of the beautiful views, developing city, and creative culture. If this sounds like a place […]

Taking a Look at the Top Richmond Employers to Consider in 2022

Taking a Look at the Top Richmond Employers to Consider in 2022

Looking at the Top Richmond Employers to Consider in 2022 Over the past year, we’ve experienced ups and downs with businesses and jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, one of the most significant benefits of living near Richmond is having access to a wide range of job opportunities. For instance, ranging from positions in […]

Do My Property Management Fees Cover Rental Maintenance?

Do My Property Management Fees Cover Rental Maintenance?

It may surprise some rental owners, but property management and property maintenance are not necessarily the same. For landlords, maintenance is just one item in a long list of responsibilities to keep a rental business running. Savvy investors look to professional management firms to maximize profits while avoiding the daily stresses associated with the rental […]

No Smoking! – A Landlord’s Guide to Rental Smoking Policies

No Smoking! - A Landlord's Guide to Rental Smoking Policies

Tobacco, e-cigarettes, and now, recreational and medical marijuana are all things landlords need to address when adopting rental smoking policies in their investment properties. While keeping tenants happy is a priority, so is the health and well-being of other tenants as well as the property itself. That said, smokers are not protected under the Fair […]