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What is Virtual House Flipping? Strategies for Investors

Technology has changed several things about many industries–including how we can invest in real estate. Did you know that you can buy, renovate, and sell properties without physically seeing them? With advanced real estate tools and technology, virtual house flipping is possible. In the video below, we’ll review what it is, some of the pros […]

5 Appliances That Receive The Most Tenant Damage

5 Appliances That Receive The Most Tenant Damage

When it comes to the appliances you provide your tenants, you’ve probably included the basics like a dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, and washer and dryer. And if you want to maintain an edge on the competition, chances are you are offering top-of-the-line appliances that are environmentally friendly, modern, and potentially expensive. That said, it is extremely […]

9 Questions You Should Ask When Interviewing a Property Manager

Are you tired of handling your day-to-day landlord responsibilities on your own? If so, you’re likely considering hiring a property manager to help make your rental property business less demanding. However, if you choose the wrong property manager, your decision could backfire, making your job as a landlord even more stressful. That’s why it’s important […]

Managing Multiple Properties: Tips for Efficiency

Some landlords own one or two properties and are able to manage them seamlessly without putting too much time and effort into it. They may even also have full-time jobs in which they put most of their focus. However, landlords with several rental properties may find focusing on anything besides property management challenging. In the […]

HOAs Are Trying to Stop Investors from Buying Houses to Rent

Buying houses to rent is a big decision for investors, especially if you’re new to rental property investing. There’s a lot to consider, like where you’re going to buy property, how you’ll finance the property, and how you’ll run your rental business. One aspect to consider is buying properties in HOA communities–which is becoming more […]

Why Is a Rental History Report Important for Landlords?


Tenant screening is one of the most critical steps in the rental process. Without a good tenant screening procedure, you can easily end up with unqualified tenants who can’t pay rent on time or leave your property damaged beyond repair. Unfortunately, evicting such tenants takes more time, money, and effort than it’s worth. So, why […]

Is It Time to Fire Your Property Manager? 8 Signs to Look For

Property management is one of the most important aspects of any rental business. Unfortunately, hiring a bad property manager can significantly affect your bottom line. That’s why recognizing a bad property manager from the start can help you avoid lost rental income and potential legal issues. In the video below, we’ll review when to fire […]

How to Avoid the Nightmare Tenant

Most tenants want to find a safe and secure rental home to treat as their own and will happily pay the monthly rate to do so. However, there’s always that small set of people who aim to mistreat the property or purposely refuse to pay rent. Today, we’ll review some characteristics of prospective “nightmare tenants” […]

The 5 Best Ways to Reduce Tenant Turnover


The worst thing for any landlord is having a vacant property. Not only does vacancy mean no money is coming in, but landlords also have to invest time and money in finding new tenants. That said, the strongest rental businesses have low turnover among their tenants. This keeps their cash flow steady and reduces costs. […]

Real Estate Data Analytics: How to Optimize Property Management


Investing in real estate is no easy task. Many may underestimate the time, money, and research needed to make a successful and profitable real estate investment. After all, you’ll want to find the right areas to invest in, choose the right property type, and take crucial steps to ensure your investment will flourish. To find […]