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Tips for Handling Common Rental Property Accounting Challenges


Rental property management includes several important tasks, including accounting and reporting. That said, it’s crucial that property managers have strong accounting skills and understand how to overcome challenges that may pop up. So, if you want to learn more about rental property accounting challenges and how to handle them, just keep reading.  Contents of This […]

Is a Rental Management Career the Right Choice for You?


November is National Career Development Month, so what better time to learn about rental property management? If you’ve been considering a rental management career, stick around while we review what makes a good property manager, how to become one, and average salaries for property managers across the US.  Contents of This Article: What is Rental […]

Market Outlook for 2023: Why Some SFR Investors are Getting Cold Feet


As we head quickly toward 2023, many real estate investors are deciphering their next moves. During 2022, single-family homes were a popular choice amongst many rental investors. But what does the market look like for the next year? Let’s go over why this investment type is so popular and why some SFR investors are getting […]

How to Take Real Estate Photos and Get Your Listing Noticed


Taking pictures of your rental properties seems like a simple concept. However, property owners need to put in time and effort to get high-quality photos. In addition, if you want to get your rental listings noticed, it’s crucial to give tenants a realistic idea of your property and showcase your best amenities. So, if you […]

Rental Property Maintenance Winter Checklist for Landlords


The trees are bare and cold weather is setting in; winter is upon us. This is the time of year where late-night maintenance calls for frozen pipes, broken down heaters, and tenants locked out in the snow add even more stress to landlords. If you do not want to have these emergencies unexpectedly arise, preventative […]

2022 Market Statistics for Investors and What to Expect in 2023


Real estate is a complex, exciting, and potentially profitable industry. Understanding the market is key to your success whether you are a real estate agent, investor, or buyer. Join us below as we review some key figures and market statistics for investors. Find out what’s impacting the 2023 market and some interesting real estate facts […]

5 Automation Strategies to Help Grow Your Rental Business


One thing that landlords don’t have an abundance of is time. In fact, whether you’re an investor or not, we all seemingly need more time to complete all the daunting tasks that lie ahead. That said, implementing automation strategies is a great way to reduce your time on each task. Luckily, there are several automation […]

How to Boost Profits and Make Money with Real Estate


Investing in real estate can be a great way for anyone to make passive income. However, it takes research, time, and dedication toward your investment. That said, there are plenty of ways to make money with real estate, whether you invest in rental properties or let your property appreciate over the years. Regardless of what […]

Real Estate Lingo and Acronyms Every Investor Should Know


The real estate industry, like many others, seems to have its own language and lingo. Working knowledge of common real estate investment terms will help you absorb vital information quicker. It will aid you in communication with those already in the industry. So, join us below as we define some common real estate lingo and […]

Maryland Tenant Rights: When to Hire a Lawyer and How to Avoid Conflict


All tenants have rights–and it’s crucial for tenants and landlords to recognize these rights. Additionally, keeping up with these rights and avoiding conflict is in everyone’s best interest. However, unfortunately, you may find yourself looking for a lawyer due to escalated disputes or disagreements. If you do, it’s essential to know your rights and how […]