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The New Normal – A Property Managers Guide to Remote Operations


Remote operations have become more prevalent throughout the property management industry. Many businesses forced into remote work environments due to the COVID-19 pandemic are now realizing how beneficial it can be. In fact, remote operations equal opportunity! Read on as we discuss how companies are adapting processes to working remotely, added benefits, plus how to […]

How Do I Become a Property Manager?

The Skills and Certifications Needed to Become a Property Manager

In 2020, the property management industry topped out at over 88 billion dollars in the United States. Steadily expanding since 2017, the property management industry provides a wealth of opportunities for professional and financial growth. Becoming a property manager is a great career for driven individuals with a passion for working with people. Join us […]

Property Manager’s Guide to Tax Time and Sending 1099s to Landlords

Property Manager's Guide to Tax Time and Sending 1099s to Landlords

Tax time can be stressful and confusing for everyone, including property owners and landlords. That said, not everyone is an expert, so it’s important to pay close attention to essential tax documents and requirements. One of the most significant tax forms for landlords is 1099. If you have a management team, like Bay Property Management […]

Managing Rental Maintenance – A Guide for Property Managers

Managing Rental Maintenance - A Guide for Property Managers

Property managers wear many hats throughout completing daily tasks. Property owners may not realize just how much property management and property maintenance go hand in hand. However, arguably a property manager’s most important role is to coordinate and complete necessary maintenance to the home. In addition, rental maintenance is directly linked to tenant satisfaction and […]

Getting Started in the Property Management Industry

Getting Started in the Property Management Industry

When it comes to job security, seeking out a growing and in-demand industry is a must. For ambitious and detail-oriented individuals, a career in the property management industry may be just what you are looking for. Whether you choose to become a property manager or start your own property management firm, a career in real […]

Property Management Jobs for Beginners: How to Get Started Today

Property Management Jobs for Beginners: How to Get Started Today

As the concept of owning rental properties as a solid investment grows, so does the number of property management jobs needing to be filled. Many individuals may not realize how this industry can benefit their long-term careers. This is a great opportunity for driven individuals looking for both professional and financial growth. Furthermore, ideal property […]

6 Tips to Successfully Showing a Rental Property

  Facilitating property tours for prospective tenants is an essential part of being a landlord. In fact, this step in the process is just as crucial as marketing to and screening potential renters. Most landlords realize that showing their property in the best possible light is crucial. Sometimes a deep clean, staging furniture, or boosting […]

10 Strategies For Landlords to Increase Tenant Retention Rates

10 Strategies Every Landlord Can Use to Increase Tenant Retention Rates

Any landlord or property owner knows that one of the most expensive parts of a rental business is tenant turnover. Therefore, finding ways to increase tenant retention is one of the most important things a landlord can do. That said, while finding a great tenant takes work, keeping them around requires just as much, if […]

Simple Ways to Calculate Prorated Rent Every Landlord Can Use

Simple Ways to Calculate Prorated Rent Every Landlord Can Use

In a perfect world, every tenant would move in on the first and out on the last day of the month. However, the reality is never perfect. As a matter of fact, moving in after the first is very common throughout the rental industry. So, when the lease begins on any day other than the […]

How to Choose the Right Bank for Your Rental Property Business

Choosing a bank that has the right services for your rental property business needs involves careful consideration.  After all, you do not want to entrust your money to a bank  led by someone such as William R. Beamon. Beamon swindled more than $20,000 in rent payments and security deposits from unknowing tenants. To top it all […]