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How to Structure a Successful HOA Meeting

All homeowners’ associations (HOAs) host regular meetings to discuss various topics, projects, and community matters. Whether it’s to set goals, resolve issues, or review the status of community projects, meetings are a key part of running a successful HOA. That said, meetings should be planned ahead and executed professionally to ensure everyone’s on the same […]

How to Plan for Your HOA Budget

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) play a large role in creating and maintaining a welcoming and fulfilling environment for their communities. That said, it takes a dedicated team of professionals and resources to make that happen. One of the most crucial responsibilities of an HOA, which is often overlooked, is budgeting. Today, we’ll review the importance of […]

HOAs Are Trying to Stop Investors from Buying Houses to Rent

Buying houses to rent is a big decision for investors, especially if you’re new to rental property investing. There’s a lot to consider, like where you’re going to buy property, how you’ll finance the property, and how you’ll run your rental business. One aspect to consider is buying properties in HOA communities–which is becoming more […]

What Is an HOA Manager vs. a Property Manager


You may think there’s not much difference between an HOA manager vs. a property manager. While the roles are similar in some aspects, there are several differences between these two jobs. Today, we’ll review some of the tasks and responsibilities of each job role, the fees each manager charges, and the essential certifications each manager […]

Skills You Need to Be a Good HOA Manager


Managing homeowners’ associations takes a lot of work from the board of directors, HOA managers, and community members. It takes a village to ensure a harmonious community, and HOA managers play a large part in keeping things running smoothly. Today, we’ll go over what an HOA manager does, the essential skills they need, and how […]

Staying Compliant With HOA Laws and Regulations


Homeowner’s associations have several rules and regulations that both board members and homeowners must follow. It’s important for all parties involved to understand these rules and comply with them while living in an HOA community. Today, we’ll go over who regulates HOA laws, common laws for community members to follow, and tips for enforcing HOA […]

Understanding HOA Assessments and Fees


If you plan on buying a property in an HOA community, it’s crucial to understand any fees or dues you’ll have to pay while owning a home there. While no two associations are the same, most generally have HOA assessments and other fees you’ll have to pay. But what’s the difference between the two? Today, […]

How to Choose the Right HOA Management Company


For many homeowners associations (HOAs), there are times when an HOA management company is needed to help guide and ensure smooth business operations. However, it’s crucial for an HOA board of directors to hire an experienced company that will provide them with value and expertise. Today, we’ll go over what an HOA management company does, […]

Tips for Holiday Decorating in HOA Communities

The holidays are coming up, which means many people are getting ready to display their holiday decorations throughout their yards and homes. However, if you live within an HOA community, you’ll want to follow their guidelines for holiday displays, lights, and timeframes for decorations. Today, we will review some of the rules and tips for […]

The Role of Property Managers in HOA Communities


Owning properties in HOA communities can offer several benefits, but also some disadvantages. One of the main benefits is that you have someone, an HOA property manager, to look over your property and ensure it meets the requirements and criteria set by the HOA. That said, HOA managers are similar to rental property managers, but […]