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Property Management and AI: Benefits for Landlords 

Property Management and AI

The worlds of property management and AI are colliding, and outlets like Forbes and the Property Manager Insider have noticed. Thanks to AI, property managers will be able to streamline many of the stressors you face as a landlord. Rent collection, identifying maintenance needs, and other nuisances could become a 5-minute-long errand. Your property manager […]

How to Manage a Rental Property: Expert Guide for Landlords 

If you just secured your first rental property, congratulations! Not everyone’s up for the challenge of being a landlord, you know. Now, maybe you start to encounter the question “How can I manage my rental property effectively?”  In this guide, we’ll help you learn how to take care of your rental property in the best […]

Survival Guide for a First-time Renter: 5 Essential Tips!

So here you are, a first-time renter! Congratulations! You are onto your next big step toward independence, and this is a moment to bask in pride. But renting comes with significant responsibility. After all, you are entering into a legal contract, and there is quite a bit of money at stake. So today, we will […]

Single Family vs. Multi-Family Homes: Which is Right for You? 

Single Family vs. Multi-Family

Are you trying to decide between investing in a single-family vs multi-family property? We understand that this choice is crucial. It’s not just about picking a property, but it’s about finding the right match for your money goals, your way of investing, and how you see your money growing in real estate.  In this guide, […]

Should You Rent From a Private Landlord?

If you’re looking for a rental home or apartment, you may come across several different types of rentals. Some may be managed by a large property management company, while others may be listed by a private landlord or “for rent by owner.” But what’s the difference between the two? Read along as we review the […]

New Smart Home Devices You Need in 2024

As the years go on, technology only gets smarter. Most people would be amazed at how much we rely on technology for convenience in our daily lives. That said, several devices for each room in your home or rental property can make your life easier. Today, we’ll review why smart home devices are so popular, […]

Hard Money vs. Private Money Loans for Real Estate

Hard Money vs. Private Money Loans for Real Estate

If you want to invest in real estate, you may be wondering about your loan options. Luckily, there are several options, including traditional mortgage loans, home equity loans, hard money loans, private loans, and more. That said, it’s important to know the differences between each loan type before choosing one that works for you. Today, […]

The Evolution of Real Estate Auctions: Online Platforms and Bidding

Real estate auctions can be an excellent way for investors to buy fixer-uppers or foreclosed homes and turn them into investment properties. While live auctions have been around for years, online platforms are becoming increasingly popular for buying real estate. In the video below, we discuss the basics of real estate auctions, how they’ve evolved […]

Rental Property Upgrades That Add Value


Keeping your rental properties up-to-date is crucial for several reasons. For instance, periodic upgrades can quickly attract prospective renters, increase the property’s overall value, and allow landlords to charge higher rental rates. However, knowing which upgrades to focus on is crucial. Today, we’ll go over some of the top reasons to update your property, upgrades […]

Do My Property Management Fees Cover Rental Maintenance?

It may surprise some rental owners, but property management and property maintenance are not necessarily the same. For landlords, maintenance is just one item in a long list of responsibilities to keep a rental business running. Savvy investors look to professional management firms to maximize profits while avoiding the daily stresses associated with the rental […]