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Easy Kitchen Upgrades That Help Boost Rental Value

Easy Kitchen Upgrades That Help Boost Rental Value

Kitchens are more than just the heart of a home; for rental properties, they are a huge selling point. That said, if your rental has an unstylish kitchen showing its age, you may wonder if it is holding your property back from its full profit potential. Unfortunately, full-scale kitchen renovations can set landlords back tens […]

CDC Eviction Ban: What Can Landlords Do to Protect Their Investment?

How Landlords can Deal With the CDC Eviction Ban

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) once again extended the national ban on evictions. What was supposed to expire on June 30th has now been pushed to July 31, 2021. In a statement made June 24th, the CDC said that this was intended to be the final extension of the orders meant to […]

Employee Spotlight – Chris Riggs, Property Manager

Employee Spotlight - Chris Riggs, Property Manager

At Bay Property Management Group, we are property management professionals focused on customer service. Furthermore, our goal is to make property ownership both a pleasurable and profitable experience for our clients. We know that our success is due to our awesome team members and how they contribute something special to our property management company. Therefore, […]

Rental Property Compliance and Responsibilities for Virginia Landlords

Rental Property Compliance and Responsibilities for Virginia Landlords

Part of being a successful landlord is adhering to regulations and all federal, state, and local laws. This can be a complex and confusing task for even the most seasoned investors. However, failing to comply means facing potential fines, loss of license, or expensive litigation. Continue reading below as we highlight the rental property compliance […]

What Are Squatter’s Rights: Everything a Landlord Needs to Know


Eviction is a scary word for any landlord. However, what’s worse is when you find out the people living in your rental never had a lease in the first place! When that occurs, or when there is an unauthorized occupant – you have squatters. A common misconception is these individuals have no rights because they […]

How COVID is Changing Landlord-Tenant Laws

Navigating the Changing COVID Landlord-Tenant Laws in Virginia

It is safe to say that the COVID-19 pandemic changed the rental industry in many ways. While some regulations were in response to the economic and public health crisis, many restrictions and questions still linger now that things are returning to normal. Landlords across the United States have struggled to keep up with mounting back […]

How to Handle a Tenant Holding Over in Your Rental

How to Handle a Tenant Holding Over in Your Rental

A tenant holding over can be a scary and frustrating situation for property owners. So, when a lease expires and the tenant refuses to vacate, what is a landlord to do? It is critical to remember that even though the tenant is no longer under the lease, they still have rights. Thus, meaning the landlord […]

Should Landlords Consider Rental Property Concessions?

Guide to Types of Rental Concessions and Are They Right for You?

Avoiding vacancy and retaining tenants in a competitive market is sometimes an uphill battle. Although moving is expensive, it is not always enough to deter tenants from leaving for a perceived better deal. Many multi-family rental owners are familiar with the term “rental concession” as a tool to make their property stand out from the […]

Renter to Owner: A Homebuyer’s Guide for Tenants

A Complete Home Buying Guide for Tenants Going from Renter to Owner

The dream of homeownership remains a big priority for individuals and families across the nation. However, with many areas experiencing limited supply and huge demand, preparation is critical. After all, making the jump from renter to owner is a major step with many considerations and financial implications. That said, navigating this process and planning for […]

Owners Guide to the Property Management Process

Owners Guide to Hiring a Property Manager and the Management Process

In theory, anyone could become a landlord. However, renting your investment property legally and successfully takes time, effort, and local knowledge. For many investors, the benefits of qualified property management services speak for themselves. After all, not every investor is prepared to organize repairs, comply with local laws, prepare marketing, or field those late-night maintenance […]