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Employee Spotlight – Sharon Jacobs Cail, Leasing Agent

At Bay Property Management Group, we are property management professionals focused on customer service. Furthermore, our goal is to make property ownership both a pleasurable and profitable experience for our clients. We know that our success is due to our awesome team members and how they each contribute something special to our property management company.

Therefore, we are initiating our Employee Spotlight to help you get to know more about our talented employees and how their unique backgrounds and expertise help us stay a “cut above the rest.” Today, we proudly introduce Sharon Jacobs Cail, our Leasing Agent for BMG. Read on to discover all about Sharon, her professional background, and what she enjoys most about working alongside our talented property managers in Northern Virginia here at Bay Property Management Group.


Meet Sharon Jacobs Cail, Leasing Agent for BMG

Sharon Jacobs Cail is one of our talented leasing agents for Bay Property Management Group. She works for our Northern Virginia office and has been with us for a little over a year now. Aside from working in the rental property management industry, she’s been a Realtor since 2002. 

Her background in real estate has helped her succeed in her position here at BMG. Now, let’s take a look into a day in the life of Sharon and some of her daily tasks. 

A Day in the Life of Sharon Jacobs Cail

Sharon is an early bird and likes to start her day early in the still of the morning. Some of her main responsibilities include listing, orientation, and everything in between. Usually, her work days are busy from start to finish, filled with interacting with rental property owners and new tenants. 

Sharon’s favorite part of her job is having work independence and setting her own schedule. She sets goals for herself each month and loves to achieve them. Additionally, she loves to meet new people daily and assist them with important tasks. She says:

“This position is very rewarding.”

One thing that surprised Sharon about working in the rental property management industry is how some people can be unpleasant to work with. However, despite some negativity, most people are relatively nice and easy to work with, which makes the job worthwhile. 

Why Sharon Loves Bay Property Management Group

According to Sharon, one thing that sets Bay Property Management Group apart is that they listen to you, like one big family. She says: 


“When we get on a meeting, the first thing that is asked is “How are you doing?”. They understand that we are professionals with families, and they allow you to be free with your work schedule.” 

Here at BMG, we strive to create a healthy balance between the needs of property owners and tenants to keep everyone satisfied. Sharon’s best piece of advice for those considering a job in the property management field or those already in the field includes the following: 

“Time management is THE biggest part of the industry. The outcome is the same in all transactions, but the process might be different. So, find what works best for you so you can work best for your clients. And don’t overthink the process.”

Getting to Know Sharon Outside of the Office

  • When you’re not in the office, what do you like to do? –  “FAMILY! My family is my WHY. I love to listen, learn, and play with my 5 grandgirls, ages 3 – 14 years. They teach me just as much as I teach them. We love to spend time in and around water. I enjoy doing almost anything that makes me laugh, whether I’m with family, friends, or strangers. I love bowling, long walks, and the beach life.”
  • Tell us something off your bucket list – “I am afraid of heights, but I would like to skydive. My stomach dropped typing that, haha.
  • If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you want to meet and why?“I would love to meet Oprah. She is an inspiration of what she overcame so much in her young life.”
  • What is the best book you have ever read?Becoming by Michelle Obama.” 
  • What are three words to describe yourself? “Passionate about life, loving, and fair.”

Bay Property Management Group is a full-service property management company here to help you with all your residential and multi-family property needs. Our business is strictly property management, so our specialization enables us to serve you better. Contact BMG today to learn more about our rental property management services and speak to one of our fantastic employees like Sharon Jacobs Cail.