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Tips for Enforcing HOA Rules and Regulations

Tips for Enforcing HOA Rules and Regulations

Homeowners Association (HOA) rules and regulations are important for keeping communities in order and homeowners happy. However, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to overlook some rules. So, how can the board enforce rules effectively? Today, we’ll discuss how to enforce HOA rules and regulations, tips for fair rule enforcement, and what to do if the […]

How to Use AI in Property Management

Artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm, and many industries are starting to implement it into everyday tasks. While it’s been around for years, it’s starting to become extremely prevalent in various industries–including property management. Today, we’ll go over how to use AI in property management and some of the pros and cons of […]

Strategies for Dealing With Noisy Neighbors in Rentals


Living in rental properties can be convenient and less expensive than owning a home. However, it does come with some downsides, like dealing with neighbors, especially if you’re in an apartment complex. Noisy neighbors in rentals can be extremely frustrating, especially if disturbances happen at night when you’re trying to sleep. Today, we will review […]

HVAC Maintenance to Get Your Rental Ready for Fall

A chill is in the air, the leaves are falling, and your HVAC system is probably the last thing on your mind. As a rental property owner, Fall brings with it many maintenance tasks like cleaning gutters and checking for leaks. However, to keep tenants comfortable all year long, it is essential to service the […]

The True Cost of Renting: Beyond the Monthly Rent

When most people look at renting an apartment or single-family home, they may only consider the monthly rental rate within their budget. However, there’s much more to think about. For instance, who covers the utilities? How much is the security deposit and application fees? And do you need renter’s insurance? These are all crucial aspects […]

Understanding Rental Occupancy Standards and Limits

Landlords must create various policies and guidelines to maintain a safe and habitable property for all tenants. This can include everything from inspections and maintenance to applicant screening and beyond. One crucial factor for landlords to establish in their properties is rental occupancy standards. For landlords, most processes rely heavily on black and white laws […]

The Key to Great Service in Property Management


Customer service is one of the most important aspects of running any business. If customers do not feel their needs have been addressed or their concerns heard after a service or sale, the business will not likely see returning customers. Similarly, if customers cannot quickly access solutions to problems or concerns, they will likely grow […]

Protecting Your Tenant’s Right to Privacy: A Guide for Landlords


Protecting your tenant’s right to privacy is vital in owning and managing rental properties. As such, landlords and Philadelphia property managers must ensure legally compliant practices to protect each tenant’s privacy. In today’s article, we’ll review a tenant’s right to privacy, the landlord’s responsibilities to protect tenants, and the consequences for violating a tenant’s right to privacy.  […]

Navigating Rental Discrimination: A Guide for Tenants


Landlords must treat all rental tenants equally. However, you may encounter a landlord or rental owner discriminating against you or someone else. Whether they refuse to rent to you based on age or race or refuse to make reasonable accommodations, rental discrimination is illegal. To learn more about rental discrimination and what to do if […]

Top 10 Tips for First-Time Home Buyers in 2023

Purchasing real estate is an exciting time, especially if it’s your first property. However, there are several processes to consider and prepare for beforehand. After all, you don’t want to buy real estate without setting goals, researching loan options, and saving money for a down payment. So, read along while we review our top ten […]