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A Guide to Managing HOA Common Areas and Amenities

One of the benefits of living in a homeowners association (HOA) is enjoying the neighborhood’s common areas. Most HOA common areas have amenities like swimming pools, parks, or clubhouses for residents to enjoy at their own leisure. However, it’s hard to get the most out of these areas without proper maintenance. Today, we’ll go over […]

How Property Rezoning Can Increase the Value of Your Investment


Understanding property zoning laws is crucial for property owners. After all, zoning regulations can affect you in different ways, so it’s important to know what you can and cannot do with your property. In addition, some property owners see opportunities for property rezoning, which reclassifies the land to fall into a new zone with new […]

Is Cash For Keys Still an Effective Solution for Landlords?


Evicting a tenant can be a long, frustrating process, which is why some landlords opt for easier methods. One of the most common ways to avoid eviction while still getting the tenant to leave is by offering cash for keys. Although this method doesn’t work in all scenarios, it can help you get your property […]

What Is Passive Real Estate Investing? A Guide for Investors


There’s lots of money to be made in real estate, whether you’re passively investing or managing a rental business. However, if you want to reap the benefits without putting in much effort, you’ll want to consider investing passively. Luckily, there are several ways investors can make money with passive real estate investments. If you want […]

Washington DC Rental Rates Rising as Students Scramble for Housing


Finding affordable housing is difficult for most renters, especially if you live in a college town. Unfortunately, rates are so high right now that many college students aren’t sure how they will afford to live near campus. That said, let’s go over rising rental rates in Washington DC and how students can find reasonable housing […]

Home Price Forecast 2023: What Can Buyers and Investors Expect?


If you’ve been following the housing market over the past few years, you know that it can be highly unpredictable. Looking back on the past three years, each year has brought new challenges and benefits that most investors couldn’t have predicted. That said, looking into 2023, many investors wonder where the housing market is heading. […]

Employee Spotlight – Reckae White, Staff Accountant Supervisor


At Bay Property Management Group, we are property management professionals focused on customer service. Furthermore, our goal is to make property ownership both a pleasurable and profitable experience for our clients. We know that our success is due to our incredible team members and how they each contribute something special to our property management company. […]

What is the Rule of 72 and Other Rules for Investors to Live By


Most people invest in real estate with financial goals in mind. Whether you’re earning passive income or saving for retirement, you want to make a profit from your property. However, if you don’t know if your property will be profitable, how do you know if it’s worth the investment? You’ll want to run a few […]

Top Neighborhoods for Renters in Richmond, Virginia


Before moving to a new city or state, it’s essential to do some research about the area. Chances are, you have a reason for moving. Whether you’ve found a new job, enrolled in university, or just want to move, it’s essential to learn more about where you’re going to live. Today, we will discuss the […]

Most Common Tenant Complaints and How to Handle Them


When you own rental properties, you must be prepared for all scenarios, including tenant complaints. Knowing how to handle complaints and avoid them in the future is crucial for landlords and property managers. So, what do you do when a tenant has a complaint? Let’s go over the most common tenant complaints and how to […]