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Certificate of Occupancy Checklist: Understanding the Basics


Becoming a landlord isn’t as easy as buying and renting a home. In order to rent out a home as part of your rental business, you must obtain the correct licensing and meet the requirements. One essential part of owning a rental business is getting a certificate of occupancy. Read along as we discuss what […]

Rental Property Compliance Requirements for DC Landlords


Every landlord must follow certain rental property laws, and they differ depending on which state and city they’re in. As you can imagine, rental property compliance is essential in running a successful rental business. However, it all depends on the location of your rental property and local ordinances in that area. So, if you’re wondering […]

A Landlord’s Guide to Surviving a Visit From a Fair Housing Tester

How to Survive a Fair Housing Tester Visit A Landlord's Guide

No family or individual should fall victim to housing discrimination, but unfortunately, it happens from time to time. That said, when you own a rental property, there are specific protocols that you must follow. For example, the 1968 Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination against tenants. In addition, housing discrimination claims can have tremendous legal and […]

Does Rental Compliance Require a License?

Does Rental Compliance Require Landlords to Obtain a License

Rental property owners have many compliance items to attend to before renting their home. One of which is the rental license. In most areas across the country, landlords must obtain a rental license before advertising the property to tenants. That said, the process of getting this license may vary but generally includes an application, inspection, […]

How to Navigate Inspections and Rental Compliance Requirements

How to Navigate Inspections and Rental Compliance Requirements

Laws at the federal, state, and local levels govern landlords and all aspects of the rental industry. That said, the goal of these regulations is to ensure tenants have a safe and habitable rental home. For landlords, navigating inspections and rental compliance requirements is a vital yet daunting process. Additionally, each jurisdiction may have different […]

Rental Property Compliance and Responsibilities for Virginia Landlords

Rental Property Compliance and Responsibilities for Virginia Landlords

Part of being a successful landlord is adhering to regulations and all federal, state, and local laws. This can be a complex and confusing task for even the most seasoned investors. However, failing to comply means facing potential fines, loss of license, or expensive litigation. Continue reading below as we highlight the rental property compliance […]