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Importance of Regular Foundation Inspections in Rentals


When it comes to the foundation of your property, it may be out of sight, out of mind. However, neglecting the foundation of your property can cause major structural damage to your home. Knowing when to inspect the foundation of your property, what to look for, and why they’re so important can help you avoid […]

How a Window Inspection Can Benefit Your Rental Home


Inspections are crucial when it comes to rental properties. That said, several types of inspections are essential, looking at all aspects of the property. A window inspection is one of the most crucial inspections, especially during the fall season. After all, you want to ensure your windows are air-tight and energy-efficient for the colder months. […]

The 4 Types of Inspections Every Rental Landlord Should Complete


As part of the rental property process, landlords must complete several different types of inspections. Although these take place at different times and for different reasons, the ultimate goal is to protect you, the tenant, and the property. In addition, detailed inspections help landlords discover maintenance issues before they become emergency repairs and ensure that […]

How to Navigate Inspections and Rental Compliance Requirements

How to Navigate Inspections and Rental Compliance Requirements

Laws at the federal, state, and local levels govern landlords and all aspects of the rental industry. That said, the goal of these regulations is to ensure tenants have a safe and habitable rental home. For landlords, navigating inspections and rental compliance requirements is a vital yet daunting process. Additionally, each jurisdiction may have different […]

Landlord’s Guide to Pre-Leasing Inspections to Get Your Unit Rent-Ready

Landlord's Guide to Pre-Leasing Inspections to Get Your Unit Rent-Ready

As a landlord, your rental property will go through many different types of inspections – all of which play an important role. In the rental industry, the longer a unit sits vacant, the more money the owner loses. Therefore, making sure your rental is ready for marketing and an efficient lease process is key to […]

4 Rental Inspection Types Every Landlords Should Conduct

In order to sustain a long-lasting rental property that will create positive cash flow, you must maintain your property on a consistent basis. No matter how thoroughly you screen your tenants, what kind of background checks you perform, how timely their rent payments are, or how highly recommended they come from previous landlords, the truth is […]