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Should You Sell Your Investment Before Retirement?


The decision of whether to sell your investment before retirement or not sits at the front of many investors’ minds. For instance, you can earn a massive profit when you sell and let go of the responsibility of managing a rental. But on the other hand, you’re giving up rental income and paying significant capital […]

How Landlords Can Handle Reasonable Accommodation Requests

Owning rental properties comes with many responsibilities, including legal obligations and compliance. One crucial topic for all landlords to become familiar with is reasonable accommodation requests. For individuals with disabilities, it may be necessary to make reasonable accommodations for them to live in your rental. If you’re unfamiliar with reasonable accommodations or want to learn […]

20 Property Management Terms You Need to Know

No matter what industry you go into, it’s important to learn as much as you can about it. But, when it comes to real estate and rental property management, there’s a lot to keep in mind. So, read along as we go over some of the most common real estate and rental property management terms […]

How to Handle Breach of Quiet Enjoyment Complaints in Your Rental


How many of us have ever had to deal with an incessantly noisy neighbor or other disruptive circumstances? It happens, and when it does, it creates a sometimes hostile but always unenjoyable experience. For landlords, handling complaints from tenants may bring up the phrase “covenant of quiet enjoyment.” Although it may sound obscure, this legal […]

Top 10 Signs You Have a Bad Landlord and How to Deal with Them


For every great landlord, there are infinitely more horrible ones. Thus, tenants must be vigilant when selecting their next rental home. While location, size, price, and amenities are significant aspects to searching for the right place, tenants are not just renting a home; they are entering a long-term relationship with the landlord. So, it is […]

A Tenant’s Guide to Hosting Thanksgiving in a Rental Home


Thanksgiving is a chance to enjoy time with family and friends over an abundant meal. However, attending a party and hosting the Thanksgiving celebration are two entirely different things. So, how can you comfortably host the best holiday if you reside in small spaces? While an apartment may present some unique challenges, getting creative and […]

Everything Landlords Need to Know About Section 8 in Virginia


The Housing Choice Voucher Program sometimes referred to as “Section 8,” provides families and individuals an equal opportunity for a place to call home. However, many landlords are unfamiliar with the voucher process when it comes to rentals and how it works. So, join us below as we walk landlords through the requirements and steps […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Fractional Real Estate Investing


Investing in real estate is a great way to earn passive income and build wealth. However, you need a lot of upfront capital to start. Unfortunately, not everyone readily has the cash to buy a home, make renovations and repairs, and rent it out. Luckily, there are other solutions, like fractional real estate investing. If […]

Why is a Strong Brand Identity Important for Your Rental Business


Setting yourself apart from the competition of other landlords and rental businesses is crucial for success. If you don’t have anything to set yourself apart, it may be time to start branding. Why is a strong brand identity important? Establishing a brand is one of the best ways to stand out against the competition. Keep […]

5 Tips to Stand Out as the Ideal Tenant on Your Rental Application


All landlords want to find and keep quality tenants to occupy their rental units. One of the most important parts of owning a rental is finding tenants that will treat the property as their own. That said, when there are a lot of applicants, finding the ideal tenant is more complicated. However, landlords typically have […]