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June is National Homeownership Month: Learn About the History


June is National Homeownership Month! This month, we celebrate the value of owning a home and the benefits it presents to individuals and communities across America. Owning a home can help build wealth and set yourself up for a better future, and it’s a great way to become more invested in your community. However, we […]

Is it Better to Buy or Rent: How the 5% Rule Can Help You Decide


If you’re looking for new housing right now, you’re probably asking yourself–is it better to buy or rent? At the same time, if you’re looking to invest in real estate, it’s important to determine whether it’s a good time to buy. That said, using the 5% rule and other rules for real estate can help […]

US Prices Soar: Are There Still Advantages to Buying vs. Renting in 2022?


Most people grow up dreaming of owning a home someday. However, with the recent surge in home prices, some are contemplating the advantages to buying vs. renting in 2022. With home prices so high, is it worth buying a home? Or is it safer to rent right now? Let’s go over the market outlook for […]

A Guide for Prospective Tenants: What Are the Benefits of Renting?

A Guide for Prospective Tenants What Are the Benefits of Renting

Most people look forward to purchasing a home at some point in their life. However, buying a home takes a lot of time, money, and effort. That said, renting is an excellent option for people who want to save money and don’t want the responsibility of owning a home yet. So, let’s go over some […]

2022 Housing and Rental Market Predictions: Is Everything Slowing Down?

2022 Housing and Rental Market Predictions: Is Everything Slowing Down

In 2020 and 2021, the housing market saw some unusual activity, prices, and demand. So much so that many homebuyers taking advantage of record-low rates were simply priced out of the bidding war. In some cases, individuals and families chose to rent instead of buy due to a lack of affordable inventory. However, with 2022 […]