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Rental Marketing Strategies to Help Reduce Vacancy

A rental property is only successful if a paying tenant occupies it consistently. Therefore, effective rental property marketing, along with thorough tenant screening, is vital. After all, every unoccupied day chips away at an owner’s overall profits. So, learning how to prepare for and manage vacancies should be a priority for landlords. Continue reading below […]

How to Take Real Estate Photos and Get Your Listing Noticed


Taking pictures of your rental properties seems like a simple concept. However, property owners need to put in time and effort to get high-quality photos. In addition, if you want to get your rental listings noticed, it’s crucial to give tenants a realistic idea of your property and showcase your best amenities. So, if you […]

How to Market a Rental Property That is Still Tenant-Occupied


All landlords want to limit tenant turnovers and vacancies as much as possible. Sometimes, this means marketing your rental property while another tenant still occupies it. That said, there are several things to consider while marketing and showing a tenant-occupied rental property. Keep reading to learn how to market a rental that’s currently occupied and […]

Social Media Marketing for Rental Properties


The goal of any rental property is to keep it occupied by high-quality tenants. One way to ensure you have no vacancies in your rentals is by marketing them correctly. When you use social media marketing to spread the word about your rental, more people will see it, and you’ll find leads much quicker. Let’s […]

5 Strategies for Attracting Great Tenants in Montgomery County, MD

5 Strategies for Attracting Great Tenants in Montgomery County, MD

Not matter how much care you put into your Montgomery County rental properties, if you don’t have tenants your investment will sink. But, you don’t just want any tenants. You want great tenants. No matter if you have the help of a Montgomery County property management company or are trying to find tenants on your […]