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Property management tips for Carroll County landlords and tenants

Apartment Search Checklist: 10 Things Every Renter Should Look For


Finding a new apartment that fits all your wants and needs is quite tricky these days. Additionally, with virtual tours becoming the new norm, it can be challenging to picture what some rental properties look like. Either way, it’s crucial for tenants to come up with an apartment search checklist to find the right rental […]

The Latest Notice Requirements and Landlord-Tenant Laws in Maryland


Owning and renting real estate can be tricky, especially if you don’t know all of the federal, state, and local laws. As such, owners and renters should become familiar with landlord-tenant laws in Maryland. Recently, there have been some changes to the laws. Here’s how the law changed, who it affects, and how to navigate […]

Should Investors Focus on Appreciation or Rental Property Cash Flow?


Many investors want to know what makes a rental investment worth it when investing in real estate–appreciation or cash flow? While both have several benefits, there are a few critical points for investors to focus on. For example, it’s important to create regular cash flow while also looking at appreciation. Luckily, there are several ways […]

Did COVID Change the Features Renters Look for in a Rental Property?


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed and shaped everyone’s lives in one way or another–including renters, landlords, and property managers. In fact, the pandemic has changed several aspects of the rental market throughout the past few years. For example, renters are looking for certain amenities and landlords need to keep up with the changing wants and […]

Top 3 Things to Ask Your Prospective Tenant’s References

In a competitive rental market, every lead is vital. After all, a high tenant turnover rate can wreak havoc on your annual profit, which is why placing tenants efficiently is so important. However, not every prospective applicant that wants to see your rental property will meet the qualifications. That said, placing a bad tenant causes even more […]

Should Landlords Allow Tenants to AirBnb Their Properties?


Most property management companies in Baltimore do everything they can to find good tenants and protect their rental properties. That said, becoming a landlord undeniably poses both risks and benefits. One landlord-tenant scenario that has pros and cons is subletting for Airbnb.  Sometimes, tenants go out of town or need to end a lease early, […]

How To Fund Your Retirement with Investment Properties

How Can You Fund Your Retirement with Investment Properties

When done correctly, rental property investments can be a profitable avenue for anyone to explore. In fact, using rental properties to fund your retirement has proven to be an excellent option for some people. However, investing in real estate takes a lot of time, money, and effort. So, if you’re interested in learning how to […]

Avoiding Landlord-Tenant Disputes: Top Tips for Property Owners

Avoiding Landlord-Tenant Disputes Top Tips for Property Owners

Understanding how to professionally and calmly handle landlord-tenant conflicts is an essential part of the job. Although most people avoid confrontation, it may be your job as a landlord to settle an uncomfortable situation. So, let’s go over some ways to resolve landlord-tenant disputes if you are a property owner.  What Causes Landlord-Tenant Disputes? Many […]

Is Adding a Finished Basement to a Rental Worth the Investment?

Is Adding a Finished Basement to a Rental Worth the Investment?

For rental property owners, maximizing your investment is the goal. Sometimes, this involves remodeling, upgrades, or even home additions. For example, one common question investors have – “is it worth it to add a finished basement to a rental?” While this is one upgrade with excellent ROI potential, the cost can sometimes be out of […]

How to Navigate Inspections and Rental Compliance Requirements

How to Navigate Inspections and Rental Compliance Requirements

Laws at the federal, state, and local levels govern landlords and all aspects of the rental industry. That said, the goal of these regulations is to ensure tenants have a safe and habitable rental home. For landlords, navigating inspections and rental compliance requirements is a vital yet daunting process. Additionally, each jurisdiction may have different […]