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Property management tips for Carroll County landlords and tenants

Real Estate Investment Forecast 2021 – Is It Time to Take Risks?

Real Estate Investment Forecast for 2021 - Is Now the Time to Take Risks?

A new year brings a new outlook and opportunities for real estate investment. The COVID pandemic, along with the economic and political impact of 2020, will soon be behind us. However, many landlords and investors wonder how these events will carry over to 2021 and beyond. So, is now the best time to invest, or […]

Rental Property Marketing Strategies and Budget Tips for Landlords

Rental Property Marketing Strategies and Budget Tips for Landlords

A landlord can have the best rental property, but if no one knows it is available, it will never get rented. That is where effective and comprehensive rental property marketing comes in. For landlords, the list of operating expenses is a long one. However, devoting the funds toward a rental property marketing budget and strategy […]

Property Investment Terminology Every Real Estate Investor Should Know

Property Investment Terminology Every Real Estate Investor Should Know

The real estate industry, like many others, seems to have its own language and lingo. Working knowledge of common real estate investment terms will help you absorb vital information quicker. Additionally, it will aid you in effectively communicating with those already in the industry. So, join us below as we define some common property investment […]

Drawbacks and Benefits of Keyless Entry for Rental Properties

keyless entry for rental properties

  Technology has helped so many aspects of the rental industry. One of those strides has been in keyless entry systems. So, with so many different options to choose from, how does a landlord know what is best? Balancing technology with ease of use and cost can be a process. Continue reading as we examine […]

Do E-Cigarettes Count? Enforcing No Smoking Policies in Rental Properties

e-cigarettes in rental properties

  E-cigarettes are a trend that shows no signs of going away. Nearly 1 in 20 adults use e-cigarettes. Of those, more than half are under the age of 35. This demographic falls directly in line with those in the Hampstead rental market. As a landlord, should you accept e-cigarettes in your non-smoking unit? See […]

Simple Energy Saving Tips for Renters in Carroll County

energy saving tips carroll county

Whether you are a champion of climate change or just looking to save money, evaluating energy usage is beneficial. Cutting back on usage or modifying some everyday tasks can make a significant impact on your monthly bottom line with little effort. Take note of the energy-saving tips for renters in Westminster and Carroll County below. […]