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How to Create a Maintenance Schedule for Your Rental Property


Owning rental properties comes with a lot of responsibility. One of the primary responsibilities of running a rental business is scheduling and performing maintenance tasks. Rental maintenance is crucial for several reasons, like preserving the property and retaining tenants. That said, it’s important to create a maintenance schedule to stay on top of potential issues […]

Who is Responsible for Snow Removal at a Rental Property?


When you own rental properties in regions with a lot of snow, you have to plan for snow removal before the first flakes fall. When you create a lease for your rental property, it’s crucial to determine who is responsible for maintaining snow removal. That said, it’s different depending on what type of property you […]

How Much Should Investors Save for Rental Property Maintenance Costs


Owning and managing rental properties takes a ton of time, money, and effort. One of the significant aspects of managing rental properties is keeping up with routine maintenance, emergency maintenance issues, and other maintenance requests. As such, it’s crucial to account for rental property maintenance costs while creating your business budget. Here’s what you need […]

What is Considered Emergency Rental Maintenance?


Whether you are a tenant or landlord, no one wants to deal with the inconvenience of emergency rental maintenance. For landlords, maintenance of any kind requires time, money, and coordinating efforts. That said, effective repair policies rely on a clear understanding of what is and is not an emergency, along with a process to handle […]

Tips for Landlords: Multi-Family Property Maintenance


While maintenance is not an ideal task for landlords and tenants, it’s necessary for all multi-family properties. That said, property maintenance doesn’t just mean cleaning the property every once in a while, there’s more to it than that. Multi-family property maintenance includes ensuring each rental unit is safe and in working order. Let’s go over […]

Rental Property Replacement Windows: Cost vs. Benefit


Replacing your windows is not something you likely think about often. However, it’s pretty important–especially in a rental home. Like most things in a rental property, windows become worn, damaged, or dated relatively quickly. Continue reading as we go over some warning signs to look for along with the benefits of replacement windows in a […]

How to Unclog a Sink in Your Rental with 5 Simple DIY Methods

Tips for Tenants and Rental Owners How to Unclog a Sink

Some maintenance and repair tasks are easy enough to do on your own. That said, for a clogged sink in your rental, there’s typically no need to call a repairer or a specialist. Instead, a few different methods allow you to unclog a sink on your own quite easily. Thus, if you’re unfamiliar with fixing […]

A Tenant’s Guide to Rental Property Maintenance Procedures

A Tenant's Guide to Rental Property Maintenance Procedures

Maintenance within a rental home is necessary for both landlords and tenants. Although landlords have many responsibilities within their rental properties, tenants must keep up with regular maintenance procedures to maintain a safe living space. With that, it’s imperative to outline landlord and tenant responsibilities clearly from the start.  Failure to state maintenance procedures for […]

Energy-Saving Upgrades to Improve Rental Property Efficiency

Energy-Saving Upgrades to Improve Rental Property Efficiency

As costs of everyday goods and services continue to rise, many tenants and landlords seek to trim expenses anywhere they can. For landlords, making your rental property more energy efficient does not have to be an expensive overhaul. In fact, small changes can make a significant impact on utility costs. So, join us below as […]

Managing Rental Maintenance – A Guide for Property Managers

Managing Rental Maintenance - A Guide for Property Managers

Property managers wear many hats throughout completing daily tasks. Property owners may not realize just how much property management and property maintenance go hand in hand. However, arguably a property manager’s most important role is to coordinate and complete necessary maintenance to the home. In addition, rental maintenance is directly linked to tenant satisfaction and […]