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Offseason Vacancy – How Landlords Can Avoid it and Fill Rentals Quickly

Fall and winter are full of fun festivities, but for landlords, the changing weather signals the start of the offseason. While the slower months are advantageous if owners want to focus on sprucing up their rental, marketing can prove challenging. In a time where leads are not pouring in as they did over the Summer, […]

4 Rental Property Upgrades That Waste Your Time and Money


Investing in a rental home often means getting a great deal on a property that needs some upgrades. With the overall goal to make your investment property appealing in order to get the highest rent rate possible, it is sometimes necessary to go beyond fixing the required damages that exist; sometimes, you need to take […]

Rental Property Upgrades That Add Value


Keeping your rental properties up-to-date is crucial for several reasons. For instance, periodic upgrades can quickly attract prospective renters, increase the property’s overall value, and allow landlords to charge higher rental rates. However, knowing which upgrades to focus on is crucial. Today, we’ll go over some of the top reasons to update your property, upgrades […]

Handling Tenant Requests for Maintenance and Upgrades


If you own and manage rental properties, you know the importance of maintenance and repairs. When issues arise in rental units, it’s important to take care of them promptly to ensure tenant safety, satisfaction, and comfort. Today, we’ll review some of the most common tenant requests, how to handle them, and additional upgrades you may […]

Should You Invest in EV Charging at Your Rental?

It’s no surprise that electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular as time goes on and technology develops. However, it seems as though there’s an accessibility gap between renters and homeowners. After all, you need to have regular access to a charging station or an at-home charger to power an electric car. There’s just one […]

Upgrades to Your Rental Property That Will Help Increase Rent


When it comes time to upgrade your rental property in Baltimore, there are many options. Some should be standard each time you’re ready to bring new renters in, while others are added amenities you may not consider immediately. Installing new carpet, painting the walls, ensuring the shutters are in working order, landscaping the outside, and […]

Making Changes to a Rental Without Losing Your Security Deposit


Suppose you find a rental home you love, but it doesn’t quite feel like home. Whether it’s the wall colors, appliances, or light fixtures, making large changes in a rental home can be difficult without losing your security deposit. So, what can you do to make your space feel more like you? Read along as […]

Top 8 Rental Home Improvement Ideas on a Budget


Competition in the rental industry has many owners looking to improve their odds of attracting a quality renter. However, a full-scale renovation is costly, and not all improvements truly add value. In a market where profit margins are tight, to begin with, extensive renovations could be financially damaging in more ways than one. Thankfully, some […]

Why Should Investors Keep Up With New Home-Building Trends?

Why Should Rental Investors Keep Up With New Home-Building Trends

New Home-Building Trends If you are a real estate investor looking to step up your rental property game, it’s essential to recognize new home-building trends. Like how fashion trends change, home design trends change too, just a little less drastically.  These days, homes are built and designed much differently than ten years ago. For example, […]

Is Adding a Finished Basement to a Rental Worth the Investment?

Is Adding a Finished Basement to a Rental Worth the Investment?

For rental property owners, maximizing your investment is the goal. Sometimes, this involves remodeling, upgrades, or even home additions. For example, one common question investors have – “is it worth it to add a finished basement to a rental?” While this is one upgrade with excellent ROI potential, the cost can sometimes be out of […]