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Making Changes to a Rental Without Losing Your Security Deposit


Suppose you find a rental home you love, but it doesn’t quite feel like home. Whether it’s the wall colors, appliances, or light fixtures, making large changes in a rental home can be difficult without losing your security deposit. So, what can you do to make your space feel more like you? Read along as […]

Do’s & Don’ts of Decorating Rental Properties for Tenants to Consider

Do's & Don'ts of Decorating Rental Properties for Tenants to Consider

Most people want to live in an environment they enjoy and feel comfortable in. Sometimes, that includes putting up decorations, painting, and adding furniture to make the space feel like your own. However, it can be tricky to do this in a rental property owned by someone else. That said, it inevitably poses a few […]

How to Define Wear and Tear vs. Tenant Damage in Howard County

Wear and Tear vs. Tenant Damage - When can a Security Deposit be Used?

Wear and tear is bound to happen in your rental property, but how do you go about defining the difference between wear and tear vs tenant damage? This is important to know and understand when a tenant moves out and the unit is damaged, you need to know if you can or can’t use a […]

The Difference Between a Security Deposit and Last Month’s Rent

When a new tenant moves into your property, it’s time to start generating income from your investment. And not just from the first month’s rent – you have two other instant revenue options as well: the last month’s rent and the security deposit. Both of these are excellent ways to test a tenant’s financial stability […]

How Can I Painlessly (and Legally) Raise the Rent?

As a landlord, you undoubtedly already know that high tenant turnover can be costly. It’s much easier and cost-effective to retain good tenants than it is to advertise your property and try to find new ones. But what happens when you need to raise the rent? Whether you want to do it because of property […]

Understanding Normal Wear and Tear on Montgomery County Rental Properties

Understanding Normal Wear and Tear on Montgomery County Rental Properties

A question frequently asked by both tenants and landlords is what constitutes normal wear and tear on a rental property. Both parties of a rental agreement often have their own definitions of what “normal wear and tear” means, leaving much room for conflict at the end of a lease agreement.   The term “normal wear […]