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5 Surefire Ways to Get Your Tenants to Pay Rent On Time

Dealing with late rent payments is not something any rental property owner wants to be faced with. It can be challenging to confront those that owe you money, even if you are in the right position to do so. You may find it is easy to give in and let a late payment slide, especially […]

How to Determine the Amount of Your Rental’s Security Deposit

  An important part of owning a rental property in Harford County is charging tenants a security deposit at the start of every new lease term. This deposit serves as assurance that your property will be cared for during the course of tenancy. And, if by chance your property is not cared for, this security […]

The Difference Between a Security Deposit and Last Month’s Rent

When a new tenant moves into your property, it’s time to start generating income from your investment. And not just from the first month’s rent – you have two other instant revenue options as well: the last month’s rent and the security deposit. Both of these are excellent ways to test a tenant’s financial stability […]

How to Avoid Roommate Trouble

Finding a qualified tenant to occupy your Anne Arundel County home becomes significantly easier when you allow roommates to enter into a lease agreement together. Widening the pool to those who wish to share your home makes living in your home more affordable because of the dual (or even triple) incomes. However, allowing roommates to lease […]

Understanding Normal Wear and Tear on Montgomery County Rental Properties

Understanding Normal Wear and Tear on Montgomery County Rental Properties

A question frequently asked by both tenants and landlords is what constitutes normal wear and tear on a rental property. Both parties of a rental agreement often have their own definitions of what “normal wear and tear” means, leaving much room for conflict at the end of a lease agreement.   The term “normal wear […]