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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Find Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Investments

Everyone is looking for nice ways to gain financial freedom. The idea of being debt-free and have the ability to travel and plan nice vacations sounds appealing, right? Well financial freedom isn’t hard to gain, if you invest properly! Owning rental properties in Prince George’s and Montgomery counties, and the surrounding D.C. metro area is a […]

4 Rental Inspection Types Every Landlords Should Conduct

In order to sustain a long-lasting rental property that will create positive cash flow, you must maintain your property on a consistent basis. No matter how thoroughly you screen your tenants, what kind of background checks you perform, how timely their rent payments are, or how highly recommended they come from previous landlords, the truth is […]

Top 8 Traits of Successful and Effective Landlords

Some landlords seem to have it all: they make a nice a chunk of money each month from their rental property investments, their tenants love them, and they’re able to take vacations without their business suffering. On the other hand, less successful landlords are often forced to deal with lots of stress, difficult tenants, the financial […]

Celebrate the Expansion of Maryland’s Finest Property Management Company

Bay Management Group’s success as the leading force in the Maryland property management business is unprecedented. So much so they had to open a new office in order to better serve their clients! President Patrick Freeze is proud to announce the opening of their second location in Laurel, Maryland. This location was opened to better […]

Emerging Rental Trends of 2016

As you move further into 2016, it is important you stay ahead of the rental trends that are emerging this year.  Being as prepared as possible for any upcoming changes in the rental property business, especially in the Baltimore County area, is one way you will be able to turn an annual profit and hopefully […]

Millennials and Why They Will Rent From You

There are 78.6 million Americans that can be classified as millennials today. Making up a staggering 26.3 million American households, it is no wonder landlords are tapping into millennials’ desires to continue renting as opposed to becoming homeowners. Millennials have quickly become the nation’s largest generation, even outnumbering the Baby Boomers. And, despite it being 23% cheaper to […]

5 Commonly Disliked Landlord Tasks and How to Make Them Easier

Many people decide to start a career as a self-employed landlord to avoid having to work for someone else and handle unwanted tasks. however, they quickly learn that unpleasant tasks can be an everyday part of being a landlord, no matter how much experience they have in renting properties. If that situation sounds all too […]