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Affordable Housing Crisis: Can Tenants Keep up with Rental Rates?


People looking for new places to live right now know just how poor the housing market is. Rent is high, home prices are high, and the supply of homes and rental properties is relatively low. This leaves many renters wondering–will rental rates go down soon? The affordable housing crisis is affecting many people across the […]

When Will Rent Prices Go Down? 2022 Rental Market Trends

A Guide for Prospective Renters When Will Rent Prices Go Down

Anyone currently renting or looking to rent a property knows that rental prices are volatile and constantly changing. As of right now, rent prices are pretty high, and they continue to increase as inflation goes up. So, this leaves renters wondering—When will rent prices go down? Keep reading as we go over why rental prices […]

Will Real Estate Market Prices Fall in 2021? Top Predictions from Experts!

Will Real Estate Market Prices Fall in 2021? Top Predictions from Experts!

The new year is in full swing, and predictions are flying as to how the 2021 real estate market will turn out. After 2020, many are looking forward to what will hopefully be a better and more fruitful opportunity for investors and those looking to buy or sell a home. So, who will come out […]

Emerging Rental Trends of 2016

As you move further into 2016, it is important you stay ahead of the rental trends that are emerging this year.  Being as prepared as possible for any upcoming changes in the rental property business, especially in the Baltimore County area, is one way you will be able to turn an annual profit and hopefully […]