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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Part 2: How to Effectively Market Your Rental Property

Once your property is ready for advertising, you must decide where to market online. With so many sites, it’s difficult to know which ones are reputable and worth your time and money. Here are a few websites we recommend you should use to market your property to gain the most exposure: 1. Use Multiple Listing […]

Part 1: How to Effectively Market Your Rental Property

Back in the day, searching for a home was as simple as opening up the newspaper and looking at advertisements. But now, the impact of the digital age is infiltrating many areas of life, and real estate is no exception. 95 percent of homebuyers search websites as one method of shopping for a home, according […]

Understanding the Basics of Property Management in Philly

Don’t you wish everything in life came with a guide to help ensure you’re successful? Rarely do we ever actually get the chance to understand the basics of anything we do in this world, but with this Philly property management guide, you’ll have a great resource to help you understand what you need to do […]

The Real Cost of Having to Evict A Tenant in Baltimore

Maryland is known to be a very tenant-friendly state, with Baltimore being one of the most tenant-friendly cities. This is awesome news if you’re a renter. However, if you’re a landlord, you should read the phrase “tenant-friendly city” far differently than you would if you were scouting a place with which to sign a lease. […]

5 Tips to Help Maintain Your Philadelphia Rental Property

Purchasing a rental property is only half the battle. Keeping it well-maintained and attractive to future tenants can be a completely different animal. There are plenty of unfortunate incidents that could deteriorate your investment property; everything from unruly tenants to the wrath of Mother Nature can cause damage to the interior or exterior of your […]

Why Rental Services are a Must-Have in Baltimore

Maryland is known to be a fairly tenant-friendly state, and the City of Baltimore tends to lead the pack in terms of regulations that are built in favor of renters. This means, as a landlord, you have to be very clear about your requirements as a property manager, or you could find yourself footing a […]

3 Things to Look for When Investing in a Philadelphia Property  

Are you thinking about purchasing an investment property in Philly? Being a landlord can afford you amazing opportunities to leverage your investment income while learning invaluable skills about property management. Before you take the big plunge, however, there are certain things you need to think about. Here are three of the top considerations you should […]