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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Six Tips to Manage Recurring Rental Property Maintenance.

recurring rental property maintenance

Property Maintenance is both the tenant and the landlord’s responsibility. What they’re each responsible for depends on what is outlined in the lease and the extent of the repair/maintenance needed. Typically, tenants are responsible for the regular upkeep of their rented property; This includes things like changing light bulbs and keeping their yard trash-free. Landlords […]

The 6 Best Websites to Advertise Your Rental Property in 2018

  Online rental property sites are virtually everywhere nowadays.  You can easily find tiny, local sites that are typically associated with one of the community news publications all the way up to the larger national sites that cater more to real estate professionals.   To help you sift through all the websites out there, we […]

4 Ways to Avoid Tenant Problems from the Start

avoid tenant problems

“Intellectuals solve problems – geniuses avoid them.” Albert Einstein Avoid Tenant Problems from the Start by Following These Important Tips:   When dealing with tenants in long-term rental properties, the quote above offers some wise advice.  Your ability as a landlord to avoid potential problems before they start can save you vast amounts of trouble […]