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How to Structure a Successful HOA Meeting

All homeowners’ associations (HOAs) host regular meetings to discuss various topics, projects, and community matters. Whether it’s to set goals, resolve issues, or review the status of community projects, meetings are a key part of running a successful HOA. That said, meetings should be planned ahead and executed professionally to ensure everyone’s on the same […]

How to Add a Tenant to an Existing Lease Agreement


If you find that your tenant has a long-term guest or unofficial roommate, what can you do? If they’re honest about the situation and the new roommate isn’t causing harm to the property, you may add them to the current lease. Today, we’ll review how to add a tenant to an existing lease and why […]

Tips for Becoming a Successful Real Estate Investor

Now more than ever, individuals are concerned with economic security. Investing in rental properties has the potential to be quite lucrative, but only if done the right way. That said, successful landlords often share the same traits and business practices that help them achieve their financial goals. Property management takes time, effort, preparedness, and solid […]

Tips for Holiday Decorating in HOA Communities

The holidays are coming up, which means many people are getting ready to display their holiday decorations throughout their yards and homes. However, if you live within an HOA community, you’ll want to follow their guidelines for holiday displays, lights, and timeframes for decorations. Today, we will review some of the rules and tips for […]

How a Window Inspection Can Benefit Your Rental Home


Inspections are crucial when it comes to rental properties. That said, several types of inspections are essential, looking at all aspects of the property. A window inspection is one of the most crucial inspections, especially during the fall season. After all, you want to ensure your windows are air-tight and energy-efficient for the colder months. […]

What to Do and How to Evict a Squatter in Your Rental Property

As a landlord, securing responsible and paying tenants is the ultimate goal. However, there are a few things along the way that can derail those plans. For example, if the property has been vacant for a while and someone decides to move in illegally. Furthermore, a tenant could choose not to leave after their lease […]

How to Create a Virtual Tour for Your Rental Property

Technology has become highly prevalent in most people’s lives–even landlords and property managers. The use of technology is beneficial in this industry and has created new ways of performing daily tasks, including property tours. Keep reading to learn how to create a virtual tour for your rental property today.  What is a Virtual Property Tour? […]

What are Rental Lease Addendums and How to Use Them

The rental agreement is the most critical document for landlords and tenants. That said, a lease involves many different clauses, addendums, and disclosures that each carries its own legal ramifications. In addition, essential components of a lease will vary based on location and the property’s specific needs. So, to thoroughly understand what these additions mean […]

6 Reasons Not to Invest in Rental Properties with Family


Many of us love our families very much and want nothing but the best for them. However, mixing business with family can open up the possibility of some precarious situations. Thus, while some may try to convince you otherwise, keeping family out of your investment opportunities is often best. Today, we’ll discuss a few reasons […]

How to Advertise Your Rental – 5 Things to Include in a Property Listing


At Bay Management Group, we know that an unoccupied rental property, in the best-case scenario, is a wasted opportunity. In most cases, however, it’s a money pit that swallows your mortgage payments with no return on investment. That’s why it is important that you find a tenant as fast as possible to start profiting from […]