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What are Rental Lease Addendums and How to Use Them

The rental agreement is the most critical document for landlords and tenants. That said, a lease involves many different clauses, addendums, and disclosures that each carries its own legal ramifications. In addition, essential components of a lease will vary based on location and the property’s specific needs. So, to thoroughly understand what these additions mean […]

Why is Renters Insurance Important to Tenants and Landlords?

Why is Renters Insurance Important to Tenants and Landlords?

Nowadays, most tenants and landlords have heard of renters insurance, but how many understand why it is vital to the industry? Renters insurance is easy to get, cost-effective, and integral to protecting a tenant’s personal property as well as against certain types of liability. More and more, landlords realize the benefits to both sides and […]

Staying Up to Date on Pennsylvania and Federal Fair Housing Laws

Staying Up to Date on Pennsylvania and Federal Fair Housing Laws

While it should go without saying that no individual or family should become a victim of housing discrimination – it can and does happen. As a landlord, housing discrimination claims can have devastating legal and financial consequences. Therefore, understanding the origins and rules of the Fair Housing Act is necessary. These federal fair housing laws […]

A Complete Investor’s Guide to Real Estate Due Diligence

A Complete Investor's Guide to Real Estate Due Diligence

When embarking on any real estate investment transaction, due diligence plays a vital role. However, some landlords may find this to be a confusing and lengthy process. That said, these actions help determine whether or not a property will provide the necessary return to become profitable. Join us below as we review the meaning of […]

Risk Management for Landlords: How to Protect Yourself and Your Property

If you don’t run your rental property business with care, you could easily face costly lawsuits and stressful conflicts with tenants on a regular basis. This applies not only to Howard County landlords, but to landlords all over Maryland and the rest of the United States. That’s why it’s important for you to prioritize landlord […]