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Monthly Archives: June 2017

The 7 Most Common Reasons Landlords Use Property Management Companies

Many times those who begin investing in Philadelphia rental property set out to do it all themselves. After all, being a property owner and leasing rental properties is the true path to a passive form of income, right? Well, not exactly… Though managing rental property can be fairly hands-off under the right circumstances – if […]

How to Minimize Firework Risks at Your Rental This Fourth of July

It’s that time of year again; that time when Americans all over the country get together with their family and friends to celebrate the freedom they enjoy each and every day. While the Fourth of July is often a time of excitement, good food, and of course, fireworks, property owners often cringe at the thought […]

5 Business Skills You Need as a Landlord

Many Americans have the dream of starting their own business. In fact, freedom from the corporate world, being your own boss, and making a lot of money, are the thoughts that dominate your mind when you’re feeling that entrepreneurial spirit. But running a business is a lot of work. Launching a rental property business and […]

6 Things Tenants Want in a Landlord

Every rental property owner in Philadelphia wants to know what it takes to be a successful landlord. Keeping your property turnover rates low, boosting lease renewals, and striving to keep your tenants satisfied, are the keys to succeeding in the rental property business. However, that’s the point: this is a business, and should be treated […]

How to Boost Tenant Retention by Addressing Maintenance Concerns

Addressing tenant maintenance concerns in a timely manner is often more important to your Aberdeen tenants that anything else you or your property management company can do. Yes, even more important than reasonable rent rates, amenity packed rental homes, or move-in incentives that include cash, discounts, or other generous gifts. With that in mind, it […]

Should You Approve Tenants Without Meeting Them?

Would you ever consider leasing your Philadelphia rental property to a tenant you have never met? Most property owners would immediately say “no.” After all, meeting a prospective tenant in person leaves a valuable impression on you, and ultimately helps in determining whether they are a good fit for your property. But is there really […]

How to Recognize and Handle Landlord Stress

Being a property owner comes with a lot of stress. In addition to managing your rental property, as a property owner you must balance your work with everything else in your life. This includes family and friend obligations, other work commitments, and free time. Not to mention, property related tasks such as rent collections, routine […]

How to Protect the Carpets in Your Rental Home

Anyone that has a Baltimore County rental home with carpeting knows what a beating the floors can take after a lease term has come and gone. And, while sometimes it may be your tenant’s fault (e.g. not removing shoes upon entering the rental), so long as the damage does not exceed normal wear and tear, […]

How Often Should You Paint Your Rental Property?

The visual appeal of your Edgewood rental property’s interior is what makes your tenants feel at home in their place of temporary residence. A nice-looking rental also helps yield high rent rates and top-notch tenants that pay on time. As a property owner, you will no doubt have to deal with painting your rental property […]

Month-to-Month vs. Yearlong Leases: The Pros and Cons

Have you ever wondered why your Philadelphia tenants sign 12-month lease agreements?  While most property owners have tenants sign a yearlong lease agreement that can be renewed for another 12 months come the end of the lease term, there are those that prefer month-to-month lease agreements instead. If you are curious about the pros and […]