Bay Property Management Group only charges

three fees:


A competitive monthly management fee, which can vary drastically. We have some owners who pay 3% and other owners who pay 10%. The monthly management fee depends on the number of units you have with Bay Property Management Group, the location of the property, and the expected rental amount on a monthly basis. Typically our management fee falls between 5-8%.


We charge one month’s rent to lease a vacant unit. This fee is only charged once the tenant moves into the property. We do NOT charge this fee upfront.


Our lease renewal fee typically ranges from $100-$299, depending on the state and jurisdiction.

*some locations also require a $99 start-up fee*

We believe having only three fees makes things very easy and transparent for our customers and clients. You do not have to read through a 20-page contract to understand what fees you will and will not be charged.

Prices and fees are subject to change at anytime.